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Robotshop offers UgCS with autopilot


We have some great news for those of you about to purchase autopilots. 

In cooperation with Robotshop.com (and Robotshop.com/eu/) you can now acquire autopilots bundled together with UgCS.

If you are about to get a Pixhawk or an APM autopilot with GPS, you can get the UgCS ONE license on top of that for just a few dollars.



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Just wanted to thank you for being active users and let you know what you can meet with us and see UgCS 2.4 preview at AUVSI Expo next week.

Please be welcome at our booth #3144


UgCS Team

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"How it is made" 3DR Pixhawk and Sagetech ADS-B integration

In January we published news that we completed test integration of 3DR copter with Sagetech XPS-TR transponder.


We have received permission from Sagetech to…


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Creating your own maps with Pix4D and using it on UgCS as map layer provided by MapBox.com

Taking the images

To take the images for your own map, you`re going to need a copter compatible with UgCS and a camera. If the copter is equipped with a camera trigger, it can be triggered through UgCS, if not, the camera needs to be set to take an image every few…


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Uploading telemetry from UgCS to Droneshare (UgCS Integration with DroneShare)

We have added new functionality to UgCS. Integration with DroneShare to ease sharing and "bookkeeping" of your flights.

In this article we are going to show you how to fly a mission in UgCS, replay the mission in the telemetry player in UgCS and then upload the telemetry from the mission to Droneshare.…


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UgCS 2.3 is out!

We are happy to launch UgCS 2.3

Due to demand and interest from Spanish speaking countries we have added Spanish language.

To bring more connectivity for your conviniece right inside UgCS application we have added support to…


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How to configure and use Ardupilot simulator (SITL) with UgCS

Here is one neat trick we would like to share with you!

Software in the loop (SITL) allows you to simulate APM:Plane, APM:Copter or APM:Rover on your computer without using any hardware. Think of it as a virtual simulator of your unmanned machine.

It is possible to set up SITL to work with UgCS. This process consists of two parts:

1) Setting up…


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Ground Control Points (GCPs) for aerial photography

Hi guys,

We would like to share…


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UgCS integration with ADS-B and 3D Robotics Arducopter

Today we again sucessfully flew Arducopter with ADS-B transmitter. Flight was detected on Flightradar24.com along with other aircraft.

Our Arducopter has formal and legal ICAO registration and probably is first in its class in the world to get formal ICAO ID.

We used microADS-B reciever and our UgCS software to monitor the mission. In…


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U|g|CS 2.2 is out


U|g|CS 2.2 is out. Several nice features from our backlog have been implemented. Here is a list of changes:


• Implemented support of multiple map layers

• WMS map provider now supports ESPG:4326 projection

• Telemetry player now displays commands that were sent to…


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UgCS is used by Santa's present delivery service!

We would like to thank you all for being with us, using and commenting on our ground control software. Your feedback helped us greatly. During this year the number of our Beta testers and users of Open version rose from few to more than thousand. Most of them members of DIYDrones community.

During December we saw also first clients for our UgCS ONE commercial…


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UgCS 2.1 is out!


I am pleased to inform that UgCS 2.1 is out now. All versions including UgCS One are available.

There is of course UgCS Open which is free and will suit needs of most of hobby users who fly drones for fun.

With UgCS version 2.0 one has ability to search for locations via text search and our new 3D map engine supports different sources of maps.…


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3DR Robotics group flight

Here is 3D Robotics centric group flight. Iris+ and his grandpa 3DR Quad on a mission. Playing around with scenario to cover large area with multiple vehicles simultaneously. Can be handy for Search&Rescue, surveyors and others.

Additionally you can see a proximity warnings in UgCS in action. These can use ADS-B as a source as…


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Probably first 3DR Quad received ICAO 24-bit address

ICAO address is used as unique airframe identifier for so called Mode-S transponders - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_transponder_interrogation_modes#ICAO_24-bit_address.


It is likely at least in Europe that beyond line…


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UgCS 2.0 public Beta is out!


I wanted to let you know what UgCS 2.0 Beta is now available for download at our site www.ugcs.com !

UgCS 2.0 now supports Ardupilot, Mikrokopter, Microdrones, ARDrone and DJI (Naza-m, wookong-m, A2) autopilots.

As shown in our teaser, UgCS 2.0 has now real 3D globe map engine…


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UgCS operates two DJI Phantom2 simultaneously


Here we filmed some of our test flights staring two DJI Phantom2s. It is bit lengthy but includes both mission setup and full run of it.

Let us know if you have ideas we could test out with our software and fleet of drones!


UgCS Team

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Our sincere thannks to UgCS Beta testers

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have registered and downloaded our software for Beta testing!

This month we have more than 550 guys who have downloaded our Beta version of software.

Majority of you are from DIYDrones community!

Thank you and keep torturing our product and give restless nights for our devs to…


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UgCS 2.0 Teaser video

Hello the DIYDrones community!

Thank you very much for your interest in our software. Since last news about support of DJI Phantom 2 our ranks of Beta testers have exploded!

Here we would like to present to you teaser of upcoming version of UgCS 2.0.

To those who have stumbled upon us for the first time we support not just DJI, but…


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UgCS now supports DJI!


We received huge interest in our work since last post about using DJI and Pix4D combination. (http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/creating-3d-models-using-pix4d-ugcs-and-dji-phantom-2)

Most of questions were when DJI owners themselves will…


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Improved area scan tool with new version of UgCS


We have improved area scan tool of our software. Now you can set direction of "snake" any angle you like or require!

You can get UgCS for free at our site. Just register and download from the Products section!

Please be reminded that our offer for free polos in exchange for flight report is still on! Let us know what you think of UgCS.…


Added by Janis Kuze on July 1, 2014 at 3:39am — 2 Comments

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