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The SCORPID-500 a full IMU controlled OAT/VTOL UAV

The SCORPID-500 is now fully stabilised and controlled by a 9 DOF IMU (ArduIMU+ v2, HMC5843, GPS with firmware TriStab v3.3 JLN). The SCORPID-500 VTOL UAV uses an innovative design based on Gary Gress concept from Gress Aero. The Oblique Active Tilting (OAT) at 45° of…


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Full autonomous flight of the TrIMUpter UAV with automatic landing

Here the video of the 1st full AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT of the UAV TrIMUpter with AUTOMATIC LANDING controlled with a 9 DOF IMU and a GPS...

Electronic setup used:

- ArduIMU+ V2 flat (a 6DOF IMU)

- HMC 5843 triple axis magnetometer

- GPS EM406 SirfIII

- 3 brushless motors Hextronik 1300 Kv, HXM2730-1300

- 3 ESC Hobbyking SS Series 8-10A

- 1…


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TrIMUpter: Full stabilisation and GPS position hold with an ArduIMU+ v2

TrIMUpter - GPS Position hold test with ArduIMU + GPS EM406 on Vimeo.

Hello, I have successfully tested the GPS position hold with my TrIMUpter (a VTOL tricopter).

The full stabilisation process is simply done with:

- an ArduIMU+ V2 flat,

- a triple axis magnetometer (HMC5843),

- a GPS EM406,

so this is a very cheap setup.

Below a photo of the setup…


Added by Jean-Louis Naudin on November 10, 2010 at 11:50am — 32 Comments

The TrIMUpter, a VTOL Tricopter with ArduIMU+ V2 Flat

Today, my TrIMUpter v1.0 has successfully done its first outdoor flight. This is a VTOL Tricopter fully stabilized by the ArduIMU+ V2 flat and (with my…


Added by Jean-Louis Naudin on November 3, 2010 at 2:05am — 20 Comments

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