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DJI Matrice 200 | 210 | 210 RTK Comprehensive Review

Adam Andrews from Aeroworks Productions give you the Pro's and Con's of the DJI M-200 Series of Enterprise Aircraft.

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Top 10 Myth's & Misconceptions about FAA Part 107

Now that the Section 333 is getting close to phasing out for most, Adam from Aeroworks talks about the Top 10 myth's and misconceptions about operating as a Part 107 Remote Pilot.

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The Drones are Coming! Christmas is right around the corner...

Adam and Jay from Aeroworks Productions talk about their top 10 tips for new Drone pilots.

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First Official Pixhawk 2 Unboxing

Adam from Aeroworks Productions unboxes the new Pixhawk 2 flight controller.

• An integrated, single board / box flight controller.

• Sufficient I/O for most applications without expansion.

• Improved ease


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Parrot Disco FPV Full Review

I know most of us here are the DIY types but once in a while a really cool off the shelf product comes along.  Check out the new Parrot Disco-

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FAA Releases Part 107,....Now What?

Adam and Jay from Aeroworks Productions talk about the newly released FAA Part 107, what it means for current 333 holders and those wanting to get into the commercial UAS market.

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Is our Hobby Doomed?

If you care about our hobby at all, we need to put pressure on the FAA about drone flyers like Casey Neistat.

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TOP 10 FAA FAQ's About the Section 333 Process

Adam from the Aeroworks Academy discusses some of the most common questions about the infamous FAA section 333 exemption.

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The History of the Modern Consumer Drone

A comical view of the short history of the modern consumer drone.

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DJI releases fully integrated FLIR camera/gimbal for Inspire & Matrice

Talk about a game changer.  A fully integrated FLIR camera with gimbal.  Opens up a wide variety of uses and eliminates the need for a hodge podge of different components to install a FLIR/Gimbal on one of the most frequently used UAS systems for commercial work.

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Time to clear up some FAA Section 333 Myth's & Misconceptions

For those unclear about the FAA Section 333 Exemption Process, Adam from Aeroworks Productions, LLC. answers some of the common questions and provides additional information about operating as a commercial operator.

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Drones & Privacy "The Real Truth"

In light of the recent "Drone Slayer" in the news, we wanted to make a video to show what the common hobbyist drone can actually see from 200' up.  

The drone slayer being William Meredith of Kentucky who shot down a drone he said was hovering as low as 10' over his yard.  It turned out that after the drone pilot released his DJI Phantom 3 flight record, the…


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3DR Solo First Impressions

Adam from http://www.aeroworksproductions.com talks about the new 3DR Solo "Smart Drone". The good, bad, ugly and first flight tips. More reviews to come when the Solo…


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How to Apply for an FAA Section 333 Exemption & COA

Adam from Aeroworks Productions, LLC explains the current process to apply for an FAA section 333 exemption including registering your aircraft, reserving an N number and submitting your application.



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3DR Aero Intro and Flight Demo

All the craze is with multirotors these days but fixed wing aircraft have capabilities that rotorcraft do not.  There aren't many videos of the 3DR Aero in action so we put this video introduction together.  Hope you enjoy it.

It’s the perfect platform for regularly acquiring highly detailed and actionable data for large-scale operations such as…


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3DR X8+ Follow Me Demo | Air Footage |

We've done a few autonomous and follow me videos but none of them showed footage from the air and we received a few requests to see how stable the aerial footage was in "Follow Me" mode.  Here is the video-

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3DR Radio Tips for new IRIS+ users

A couple tips for new IRIS+ users but also applies to any APM or Pixhawk user using 3DR radios.

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**LIVE** U.S. Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Integration, Oversight, and Competitiveness

Live coverage of 

U.S. Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Integration, Oversight, and Competitiveness.

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3DR IRIS+ Beginners Guide (Part 1 of 3)

With the IRIS+ quickly becoming the most popular quadcopter in the $1,000 and under price range, we're starting to see that a lot of new IRIS customers don't have the basic knowledge to operate this advanced technology.  We have created a 3 part video series to cover everything from the basics of unboxing and assembly to advanced features and autonomous flight.  This is…


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3DR IRIS+ Follow Me and Auto Mission Demo

We did some more IRIS+ testing this past weekend using the Pebble watch and "Follow Me" mode.  Here is the video-

Added by AKRCGUY on October 28, 2014 at 12:38pm — 8 Comments

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