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Data Science Crop Analysis Notebook Using 6 Band MicaSense Altum And DroneMapper Processed UAV Imagery

A jupyter notebook with crop analysis algorithms utilizing digital elevation models, dtm and multi-spectral imagery (R-G-B-NIR-Rededge-Thermal) from a MicaSense…


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DroneMapper Open Source Projects

We are starting to release certain projects back to the open source community. You can find these new projects on our GitHub page here. We will continue to develop and contribute to these projects as time permits!

ArUco geobits: We've developed an aerial ground…


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Latest from DroneMapper Rapid / Remote Expert Release

The free version "RAPID" now allows higher resolution DEM generation and blended Orthomosaic! 

DroneMapper Rapid and Remote Expert Version 20181120 has been released. Please download the latest version here. This release has the latest UI…


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Free Aerial Imagery Data (Personal/Commercial Use)

Free Aerial Imagery Data Collection JPGs, GeoTIFFs and Point Clouds!

We've updated our sample data page with a number of new drone based aerial imagery collections. These are available for personal and commercial use! We would love to hear…


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Drone Mapping: xyHt Magazine - Flying Stockpiles - UAS Volumetrics with Arch Coal & DroneMapper


xyHt Magazine:

DroneMapper has been working with Arch Coal over the past 5 years in the development of an affordable work flow to accurately estimate coal stock pile volumetrics at the West Elk mine utilizing drone imagery collection, photogrammetric processing…

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Remote Drone Mapping on Grand Mesa, Colorado

Delta County, Colorado agriculture has the benefit of over 300 reservoirs on the Grand Mesa, many of which supply irrigation to the variety of crops grown. This time of year, the reservoirs are being drawn down providing an excellent opportunity to map and determine reservoir capacities.

We had the opportunity to pack up our UTV with the DJI Phantom 3 advanced drone, gear, lunch and head on out to the Leroux Creek area of the Mesa. It is…


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DroneMapper new features, 3d model processing, NDVI, 150 images for DJI and more.

We appreciate all the feedback and feature requests over the last couple of months! Thank you

You can now process up to 150 images from DJI sensors for free on your Windows 10 desktop. We've also added NDVI calculations and a load of other new features to the software. Download the latest version at the following…


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Free Drone Mapping, Stitching, Orthomosaic and DEM Generation Software

DroneMapper is very pleased to announce that RAPID for DJI is available for download and testing on limited imagery data sets at no cost to the user. RAPID will provide scaled DEMs and orthomosaics using up to 75 images for a scene. Results are available in near real…


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DroneMapper Global UAV Hot Spots HeatMap

A great heatmap showing the global UAV hot spots! The data is a random sampling of 30,000 geo-tagged images from our database. Pretty cool!…


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Free DroneMapper 2D Ground Control Point (GCP) Tool

We have released a test / alpha version of the 2D GCP generation tool for Windows. You may experience a bug or two but overall it should be functional. Let us know if you have problems working with the 2D GCP utility or have additional feature requests. 

Essentially, you want to create a list of images that the GCP appear in and load them into the tool. The images…


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Geo-referenced Tetra Cam ADC Multi-spectral Imagery (Drone Agriculture/Farming)

Subset of Tetra Cam ADC Imagery

We recently received a data collection courtesy of David Dvorak using the Tetra Cam ADC Multi-spectral image sensor. DroneMapper processed 189 geo-tagged 3.2 mega pixel images into geo-referenced Orthomosaic, DEM, DSM and Point Clouds with an area of 1.6 km sq. The AGL of the flight was 1000 ft…


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Geo-referenced NDVI Generation (Single Camera NIR-G-B System) UAV/UAS

Geo-referenced NDVI of Urban Area produced with a single NIR-G-B Canon PowerShot 300 ELPH HS from

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Visible (RGB) and Full Spectrum (RGB+NIR) Imagery - Geo-referenced NDVI Generation and Remote Sensing by UAV

Thanks to Pteryx for this great data set! In order to generate a geo-referenced NDVI / EVI / EVI2 Vegetation Index we need to fly the area of interest (AOI) with a visible (RGB) and full spectrum (RGB+NIR) camera. Once the RGB and RGB+NIR images are processed inside…


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DroneMapper Signs Multi-Year Contract With The State of Utah - 1/17/13

January 28th, 2013

We are very pleased to announce that the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) has contracted with DroneMapper to provide imagery processing services for the next 5 years.  UDAF collects high resolution imagery for use in conservation planning and management of natural resources. As an example, DroneMapper recently processed an imagery set as part of Utah’s…


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Red Rocks Amphitheater Photogrammetry Mission with Falcon UAV

January 18th, 2013

Amazing day in Colorado for a photogrammetry mission with Falcon UAV over Red Rocks Amphitheater. At 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks Park is a unique transitional zone where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a geological phenomenon – the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world. Some of the rock…


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Save your soul with ground control! The Pinery Project Geo-spatial Accuracy Update

January 2, 2013

In November 2012 we described the results from an UAV survey (courtesy of Falcon-UAV) conducted over the Pinery Country Club where an area of > 1 square mile was mapped at 6.7 cm resolution. We had access to a…


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Aerial Mapping Easter Island @ 15 cm GSD

December 25th, 2012

Back in May we processed an interesting data set from Easter Island, Chile at 30 cm / px GSD. Kim Anh Hoang from the Easter Island Statue Project used the 30 cm Orthomosaic and DEM to produce a 3D Flyby of Rano Raraku and an EISP…


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Pinery Country Club / Golf Course - Ground Control Point and Sensor Verification Results

November 15, 2012; The Pinery Project

In a collaboration between DroneMapper, Falcon UAV, CompassData, Inc. and The Pinery Country Club we collectively demonstrated accurate geo-spatial mapping (in 3 dimensions) of a reasonably large area using affordable technology - UAV, consumer camera and ground control. First, a little bit about our partners:

  • Falcon UAV  is a small unmanned aircraft designed to provide live…

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DroneMapper Makes Top-10 in Denver OED JumpStart Biz Plan Awards - Startup Week Denver

We made it! We are in the top ten for the Jumpstart Biz Plan Awards sponsored by the Denver Economic Development Office. Let us know if you will be in Denver for Startup Week Oct. 22nd - 27th. @dronemapper

DroneMapper has just been notified by the city of Denver, Colorado that is has been selected as a top-10 finalist in a business…


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New Projects: Conservation Mapping, Change Detection, Object Detection and Remote Sensing

It has been a while since our last update! The biggest news is we now process up to 25 geo-tagged images into high resolution Orthomosaics, DEM, DSM and 3D Models for free. The site now only accepts geo-tagged images and will only process imagery with the correct EXIF…


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