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A Russian First? Droneboarding!


In what may be the first example of multirotors and snowboards, this young person (and the pilot) make the best of two worlds combined.

The quad has excellent blade tip coverage and was a DIY project.

His build log is located…


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Guess what was seen at the NMAM in Muncie, IN?

This week I visited the National Model Aviation Museum in Muncie, Indiana. If you have never been, put it on your short list of 'to-do' items - seriously. Just inside the main front door, to the right is a double set of doors, with glass windows, that lead into the Claude McCollugh Education Facility (you can see the roll door to the…


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Eweek 2013 Triple Tree Aerodrome -- What a great place almost in my backyard!

Why did I wait so long to go to Triple Tree Aerodrome? The facility is fantastic and literally a gem less than a hour from my house.

I brought my two Arducopter quads and spent a huge amount of time letting folk hold them, and pour over the details. There was so many folk wanting to talk about them, I did…


Added by R. D. Starwalt on September 28, 2013 at 7:47pm — 1 Comment

The Instructables WBQ (Wide Body Quadrotor) has maiden flight!

Yes! Another APM 2.5 powered quadrotor took to the air in South Carolina. All that energy, time, effort and planning paid off this evening with the maiden flight of my entry into the DIY Drones sponsored Instructables Drone Contest. The build is…


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Winners of the 2013 Instructables Drone Contest (sponsored by 3D Robotics and DIY Drones)

It is old news to some folk but the 2013 Instructables Drone contest ended on July 15 and the winners were:

(Note: Author names are Instructable member names. Several are DIYD members with different names on this site.)



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Voltage and Current monitoring for a South Carolina Arducopter


Using EC3 connections on my quad was a good idea...except when it applied to the AttoPilot 90A sensor from SparkFun. The goal for adding this sensor to the system was to be able to remove it cleanly if needed. The sensor pcb design was changed (from earlier pics in the Wiki) to provide a clean…


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Now I can time (approximately) flights of a South Carolina Arducopter


It took me a little while to learn what most of the switches and buttons on my DX6i could do. This past weekend the Trainer switch was assigned to start the timer in a count up mode.


With my EFlite 30C 11.1V 3200 mAh battery almost 7 minutes of mostly hovering flight was achieved (no touch down at all until exhausted).

"Is that all…


Added by R. D. Starwalt on September 6, 2012 at 5:55pm — 4 Comments

A noob South Carolina Arducotper Builder/Pilot does Outreach


It was a fair certainty that Chris Anderson couldn't make it on August 23 to the local radio club and discuss the state of the art of DIY drone technology. On the other hand, he would have raised many smiles at the thought of attending the Anderson Radio Club monthly meeting! My best effort was…


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Adding an Arming Plug and a Camera mount to a South Carolina Arducopter


It was a busy weekend. One of my earliest concerns with this project was the lack of an ON/OFF switch that could handle the current of the system and that would not look like something from an old junk box. I wanted it to be easy to use, easy to access (translate: no where near the propellors), and completely remove the battery supply in the event of an…


Added by R. D. Starwalt on August 21, 2012 at 6:15pm — 7 Comments

Maiden Test Flights for a South Carolina Arducopter


The sun was out, the winds were light, the temperature was about 85F, it was my birthday. There was nothing else to do but discover if all the time, money, energy, planning, and hope would work out.

It was a qualified success! Qualified in that I think pitch is reversed but in the case of today's short effort, it was another event of discovery on the…


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More progress for a South Carolina Arducopter - The APM2 lives!


It was a productive weekend: MP up and running on my shop PC, aircraft firmware loaded into APM2, radio connections troubleshot and calibrated, Wow! There's my house with a graphic quad hovering over it! (I am not worried about giving away my coordinates. Come on by but call first, please.) After performing the leveling cal I even was able to watch the…


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Motor direction correction and APM2 power up for a South Carolina Arducopter


After reading several blog posts and discussions about folk having startup issues with ESCs, APM2s, etc, I thought it prudent to build a simple servo tester to allow ESC checks sans APM functionality. The new issue of Make Magazine, #31 (I did a discussion post last week after the mailman delivered it) has a section on servos and their function. It included a…


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An RC receiver deck for the South Carolina Arducopter

Thanks to DIY Drones, I discovered there is another Aruducopter, now flying in South Carolina. None the less, my build continues and this time the RC Rcv deck was the focus.

The documentation on the AR6210 states that the remote receiver must be at least 2 inches away from the main and perpendicular to the main receiver. To accomplish this with the cable that…


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More progress for the South Carolina Arducopter

With the soldering on the APM2 complete (I think) it was time to move on with the stack up plates for the quad. For those who have not put their hand on an APM2, the Xacto knife with #11 blade provides some scale.

I am using aircraft plywood (it is on hand and paid for) rather than the FRP/G10 that is popular. Using ancient methods of razor saw and ruler, three stack up…


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An APM2 for the South Carolina Arducopter

On second thought, maybe ordering the APM2 assembled would have been a good idea.

Nah, why let someone else have all the fun? The board is wonderfully small and has convinced me that SMD components require learning new tricks if I plan to roll my own in the future. Over 35 years of through-hole work only qualifies me to solder in the header pins.. barely. You see…


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A South Carolina Arducopter Project


There are a lot of home-brew parts in this machine (no fooling, really).

I had orignially fabricated parts based on the 'A' frame but after noticing the 'B' release, I ordered replacement parts and modified mine as close as possible. The bottom plate is 1/8 aircraft plywood painted. The top was made from an FRG piece I had in a junk box.



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