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An RC receiver deck for the South Carolina Arducopter

Thanks to DIY Drones, I discovered there is another Aruducopter, now flying in South Carolina. None the less, my build continues and this time the RC Rcv deck was the focus.

The documentation on the AR6210 states that the remote receiver must be at least 2 inches away from the main and perpendicular to the main receiver. To accomplish this with the cable that…


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More progress for the South Carolina Arducopter

With the soldering on the APM2 complete (I think) it was time to move on with the stack up plates for the quad. For those who have not put their hand on an APM2, the Xacto knife with #11 blade provides some scale.

I am using aircraft plywood (it is on hand and paid for) rather than the FRP/G10 that is popular. Using ancient methods of razor saw and ruler, three stack up…


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An APM2 for the South Carolina Arducopter

On second thought, maybe ordering the APM2 assembled would have been a good idea.

Nah, why let someone else have all the fun? The board is wonderfully small and has convinced me that SMD components require learning new tricks if I plan to roll my own in the future. Over 35 years of through-hole work only qualifies me to solder in the header pins.. barely. You see…


Added by R. D. Starwalt on June 14, 2012 at 6:40pm — 4 Comments

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