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Automate and Scale Drone Operations using Cloud (4G/LTE)

FlytCloud is an enterprise-grade cloud platform to automate and scale your commercial drone operations - Enabling you to remotely deploy, a fleet of intelligent drones.

FlytCloud provides real-time access to control, telemetry and video/payload data from your drone fleet, over a secure and reliable…


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Drone Security & Surveillance Operations Made Easy

Drones have already been in use in the security and surveillance industry, bringing a significant change in how the operations are carried out. However, most current aerial security and surveillance systems are either tied to a particular drone hardware, or need significant manual intervention during operation. These solutions lack…


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Precision Landing Solution for Commercial Drones

Precision landing is a critical requirement for a large number of commercial drone applications, be

it autonomous routine patrols for security & surveillance, package…


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Releasing FlytOS v1.5-5: Video streaming via FlytCloud and support for DJI

We are excited to announce the release of the FlytOS v1.5-5. You are requested to update your FlytOS using the OTA automatic update feature. This version of FlytOS introduces RPi camera support for video streaming over…


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Real time Drone Navigation and Telemetry Dashboard over 4G/LTE | Setup your drone with FlytBase Cloud

Get a headstart with FlytPi Kit at just $149. Learn more:

This video demonstrates, how to setup your drone with FlytBase Cloud. You can send real-time navigation commands, get telemetry and payload data using FlytConsole LIVE dashboard. FlytBase Cloud helps…


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Getting Started with FlytBase Cloud - Setup a Virtual Drone

Hey Everyone, we are creating this tutorial series to help you connect your drones to Cloud. (You can use your existing setup with a CC and 4G/LTE dongle)

FlytBase Cloud helps you connect your drones to the cloud. Set UAV missions, get telemetry and payload…


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FlytBase to Unveil its AI Platform for Drones, Today!

FlytBase will be releasing its AI platform for drone applications at the Drone World Expo, San Jose, on 3rd October 2017. FlytBase has built the world’s first IoT platform for commercial drones, the “…


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FlyPulse partners with FlytBase to create a network of life-saving drones

Heart disease remains the No. 1 global cause of death with 17.3 million deaths each year, according to “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics — 2015 Update: A Report From the American Heart Association.” That number is expected to rise to more than 23.6 million by 2030, the report found.

A minuscule number of these patients get defibrillation…


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Deep learning drones at Japan AI Expo, Powered by FlytBase


The true success of any commercial product is defined by its customers. Customers who believe in the product and use it to solve real world problems. At FlytBase, we celebrate our customers who leverage our platform to build innovative commercial drone applications for their industry verticals.

One such customer is Shingo…


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Drone Application Simulator - Now available for Mac and PC

FlytSim offers SITL (Software In The Loop) simulation environment for testing user apps without the drone hardware. FlytSim simulates the drone and its world, programmatically generating the state variables, while the control algorithms applied are same as onboard the drone. The FlytAPIs…


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FlytPi – A Turnkey companion computer pre-loaded with FlytOS Commercial Edition [Available for Order]

Order your FlytPi Kit here

We, at FlytBase, are on a mission to empower drone developers and help them accelerate development of drone applications. Over last few months, we have introduced a suite of products, including, …


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10 Open Source Apps for Drones using FlytOS [Must See]

Drones are now matured as a technology and are better understood by developers and users alike. We at FlytBase, have made efforts to provide you with some open source drone applications. These drone apps provide a base platform for your app development and can be customized as and…


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Visual Servoing using Drone Gimbal API

While choosing the right camera and streaming the video from a drone to your app has always been a frequently asked question. There we’ve several Drone API and SDK to build awesome apps for your…


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[Tutorial] Deep Learning on Drones (Part 2/2)

Introduction to Deep Learning on drones

Getting a deep learning program working flawlessly on the desktop is nontrivial, so when that application must run on an individual board computer handling a drone, the duty becomes quite challenging.

FlytOS offers a framework to ease these issues by aiding in the…


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Tutorial: Integrating Deep Learning Applications With FlytOS on Nvidia TX1 (Part 1/2)

Commercial drone applications
 require significant autonomy and intelligence which cannot be achieved using conventional Computer Vision algorithms. Deep Learning/Vision algorithms seem to be very promising in helping drones to be used in more advanced and complex …


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FlytBase Now Also Supports Ardupilot

FlytBase now supports Ardupilot.

Ardupilot Companion Computers users can now install FlytOS on Intel Edison,…


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New FlytSIM to Simulate Apps built using FlytOS Drone APIs and SDKs

FlytSIM is Now Available! Learn more and Download FlytSIM here: 

FlytSIM is 3D Simulator for Drone Apps. It helps developers in the development & testing of drone applications at the comfort of their Laptop/Desktop.

Developers can get access to FlytOS…


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Releasing Drone SDK for Mobile and Web Applications Developers

From basic configuration to the GCS utilities, from planning complex drone missions to visualizing data analysis report - Mobile and Web Application Interfaces have an important role to play in any commercial drone…


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