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Using 3DR SOLO for Archaeology class

Almost a year ago we had the chance to present one of the most magical uses of drones at SEAC 2014 Materiality of the sky. Combining Photogrammetry from small UAS, Surveying, Sky-Celestial body Simulators and Archaeoastronomy we managed to calculate the exact age and day that an ancient temple was…


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Ucandrone - a UAS & 3DR Pit-Stop in Europe


UcanDrone, founded on January 2013, is specialized in the area of UAV and remote airmodelling, in the meaning of design, construction and flight of the airplane models. Working as a team for many years with great experience of applied research in the field of geographic information systems, development of forestry maps and aerial photography,…


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Arduplane At ASPRS Annual Conference

Follow up from my recent post : 

Arduplane goes to ASPRS


A Great week for all attendants and a glorious 2day for all DIYDrones members and APM users & Devs!!

With glad, i realized that a great amount of US and EU researchers use APM for…


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Arduplane goes to ASPRS annual Conference

For those who dont know ASPRS, is The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. 

On their 2013 Annual conference call for abstracts, gladly they included Unmanned Aerial Vehicles!!


And here we go! After almost  3 years of…


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Outstanding APM out of the box performance

Hi all,

Iam following APM since 1280, for remote sensing purposes. finally i used my two latest platforms ( Skiptrovamon & Bixler 2 and ground station for a full scale mission.…


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UAV as Aerial Mapping & GIS platform

Continuing from my last post and hunting down the ever ending dream for "more" Skiptrovamon took a new form. This time our team goals was to keep the good things from our first airframe and..:

-Step on Known PIDs

-Make more room for…


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UAV as Aerial Mapping & GIS platform, build from scratch

Hi everyone,

For years now we use model aircrafts as a hobby or job, and for many years  as aerial platforms for aerial photography and mapping. So after many discussions here and reading, I will begin here an UAV application that I think and prepare from student and I hope that now I have the background to make it happen. The reason I post the project here is because I learned all about model aircraft from aeromodelling.gr and everything I know for autopilots from…


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