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Brushless Gimbal - Opensource communication problem

If you are having problems with uploading firmware or communicating with the gimbal software (RCTimer - Gimbal controller board for example) then most likely the following info will help you.

See communication problem below in Arduino:

Follow this link for instructions:…


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New Distributor in South African Market - Gauteng area

As a member of Arducopter (maybe not so active anymore) I have started my own business on the side line.  Its call Vertical Limits Aerial Photography.  Recently I have just put up my website and then also decided to market some DIYDrones products directly in South African markets.  I don't have…


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Bixler with ArduPilot flying Waypoints

Just an update on my previous Blog Post.  I have tested Loiter, RTL and Waypoint navigation on my Bixler Plane. 

So far I am happy with the results.  There was a bit of wind on this specific day.  I also tested waypoints at 100m Altitude which I was looking forward to seeing the end result myself.........but my camera battery went flat.......... 


Chris you are welcome to link some of these videos to the Arduplane site.....


Pictures of my plane with…


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Bixler Plane setup with ArduPilot

I finished building my Bixler plane and did some test flights.  I was just flying in an anticlockwise circle with these tests (I have not been flying a plane for almost over a year and my last flight ended in a crash).  Yet with the ArduPilot flying is very much more easy.....  Landing is a breeze....


I am more familier with the heli's (multirotors, Quad, Hexa and Octa) but believe this plane could also be helpful to me in FPV flying.


Still learning the…


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