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Drone Pilot T-Shirt

Hello everyone, I decided to create a shirt, flying our drones stylish.

The shirt will be on pre-sale for 10 days right through crowdfunded teespring site. if the goal of 50 units are complete you will be shipped…


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After a year of having purchased the camera FH 10 with 10x zoom, the first experiences were poor due to the lack of a system of stabilization.

then decided dusting the camera again and stabilize with AMP 2.5. using the PAN and TIL my RVJET, to install it sideways. in my skywalker 1900. the camera has stabilization in the ROLL axis,…


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RVJET with autopilot APM 2.5

hello everyone, after two weeks of settings and adjustments, the achievement RVJET fly with APM 2.5 in auto mode

Flying weight: 2750 grams

autopilot: APM 2.5

Motor: 3020 1110kv scorpion

prop: 10x6

Battery: 1 x 5000 + 1 x 3000

firmware : arduplane 2.73…


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mapping with condor drone and apm 2.5

Because the latter one of condor drone tests went very well in the navigation, I decided to mount the camera aboard the condor photography for mapping and the results appear promising.




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CONDOR 78 " wing with APM 2.5 and firmware 2.72


This is the wing condor 78 "equipped with autopilot APM 2.5 and  firmware 2.72 with take off weight of 10.3 lbs.

2.72 firmware improvements are very good at navigation, I have tested the x5 and the condor with excellent results, thanks to the development team for this development.

For more information visit…


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skywalker x8 instructions parachute system

Parachute for x8
This is the description of a parachute system for x8 skywalker wing. I decided to upload this video because there were many questions about how the system worked. I hope this video answers many of your questions for x8 users.

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PIDS and file .param for skywalker wing X5

for all who have APM 2.5 with X5 wing. PIDS these are the ones I use, after several flights of tuning achieves a decent navigation.…


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X5 wing equipped with APM 2.5

Hi all, following the project of making specific instructions for each type of aircraft equipped with APM 2.5. Today I present the tests in auto mode executing a mission, this wing x5 has much potential as drones, for video and photogrammetry. the development of these applications www.makedrones.com blog we will develop in the…


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project, step by step instructions to build your drone.

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share a new initiative that I have, is the creation of a blog where I colacare the instructions step by step how to build drones. instructions will be specific for each type of aircraft, that have ensured that many frustrations with generic information that sometimes requires previous conocimeinto to build a drone. My goal is…


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APM 2.5 for photogrammetry

Today I share with you my experience after four years of trial and error with APM, and managed to optimize my skywalker as UAV for photogrammetry, is a team of professional results for less than 4k USD, APM is a great platform for autopilot dornes developed for different applications at the beginning is a bit confusing and frustrating but then you start to see the…


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bungee launch X8 5.3kg

This is a mechanism in place to launch the X8, when its weight is 5.3 kg. his recovery is done by parachute. http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/list?user=15tihx7n8mzza

the mechanism is very reliable for heavy winged lanzameinto. unfortunately my x8 fell into a bad spin maneuver and…


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APM works great with the X8

I present my X8 test with APM on board ... and modification for parachute landing ... the APM worked wonders with this wing, only I will have to make small adjustments to the PID's ..

I want to know if someone launched the camera tracking code? I'd like to try it in this wing X8 .... if anyone can help would greatly…


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uav-skywalker parachute

Added by jim C. on February 10, 2012 at 5:00pm — 14 Comments

Demo of APM auto mode with Skywalker




aiplane: skywalker 

TX: futaba 12fg

LRS: 400 mhz

weight: 2250 g

battery: lipo 4 cell…


Added by jim C. on October 19, 2011 at 2:00pm — 16 Comments

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