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Arctic campaigns

We are out for UAV field campaigns again. After one week of flying over sea ice of the Baltic sea in northern Finland we are now heading for Svalbard.…


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Doing science with UAVs in the Arctic polar night

We spent a week on Svalbard and operated autonomous aircraft to collect atmospheric data. They were accompanied by a tethered weather balloon and an autonomous under water glider.

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Paparazzi-powered UAV on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica

John Cassano from the University of Colorado has been flying small fixed-wing UAVs in a remote camp in Antarctica. From his blog:


Since it wouldn’t be possible for us to build a 3000 foot tall automatic weather station (AWS) on the Ross Ice Shelf we have turned to using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)…


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Paparazzi in Antarctica

This Antarctic summer two teams flew Paparazzi driven UAS on the southernmost continent. The University of Bergen flew at the Norwegian Troll station (video) and the University of Colorado near the US McMurdo station (…


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Adaptive control: wing drop and engine failure

Video showing a Multiplex Twinstar II running the Paparazzi adaptive control loops. It drops 30% of the right wing with 50% of the aileron, turns off the right motor and keeps flying… Continue

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UAVs in wind parks

Together with the Laboratory for Energy Conversion of the ETH Zürich we have adapted their multi-hole air flow probe to Paparazzi and integrated it into our meteo Funjets. It is used to measure wind vectors/turbulences around wind turbines for a more efficient planning of wind parks. The goal is to reduce the impact that a turbine causes to the ones downstream. Swiss television has an…


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Live telemetry from the Arctic

We live broadcasted our flights (more than 20) through Google Earth all night. Went to bed, we will fly again tomorrow evening if weather and air traffic control permits...

and some info during the flights in the Paparazzi IRC…


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1500m altitude video from the Arctic

We are still out on Spitsbergen flying Paparazzi. Finally the camera worked for one flight. Went up to 1500m and down in glider mode. Usually we fly slower downwards...but to have it more interesting we kicked it a little more. See the video at

and the corresponding Google Earth file at…


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Paparazzi autopilot in the Arctic again

We are back in the Arctic flying Paparazzi aircrafts on Svalbard (N78° E15°) doing research with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Bergen/Norway. There are two teams operating near Longyearbyen, one on the apron of Longyearbyen airport (LYR) and the other at the old northern lights research station in Adventdalen. Currently we can get permission to fly up to 1500m outside the airport opening times. The Paparazzi aircrafts work perfectly...for humans it is just a little cold. Last… Continue

Added by Martin Mueller on March 24, 2009 at 5:31am — 8 Comments

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