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U.S. sending Global Hawk drone to Japan

An RQ-4 Global Hawk, a reconnaissance drone, will be used to help survey damage to towns and industrial facilities in Japan.

(Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Nichelle Anderson) [from CNET (TM) News]…


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Forum Search not working...

Sorry for the bad image.


Appears Searching within Forums is not working at this time...NING Support is aware of the issue.

Thanks to member Brad Barnum for reporting this.


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Possible frame for ArduCrawler

This is only a 1/10 scale, but the suspension and wheels look pretty nice. Check out the website. I would have posted better pics, but it was too huge for the blog. $149.99



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Another Skywalker...

Here is a link to another Skywalker platform. Looks interesting. Big? Seems to have alot of room in fuselage and cheap?…


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Chris McNair, Owner - Attopilot International has 3rd and final baby! STRYKER SOLD

From Chris's original post

"Hey guys. We just had our third and final baby!" [no this isn't it...] rj

SOLDSOLD[check it out, baby needs diapers! :)] edits by Moderator; rj…


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Day 1: the Noomie [read "New Me"] LOL

Ok, SO...Thanks to Gary for flipping the switch in my slogging grey matter...

All future Blog Posts will be about my search and acquisition of a trainer that is suitable for me. There will be no questions (from me) here...

I'm off to the forums now...

Day 1


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Starting over...maybe.

I have stopped my Predator build and sold most of my gear, for now. Doing more research and looking to get a good basic trainer (.40 or .60 class) not sure if it will be nitro or electric yet. A 2.4 gHz radio system. And put in some simple build time and then get experience flying.

The Predator became a stalled frustrating build because I was trying too much at once, without any experience to back myself up.

I hope to get a system with at least…

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Prairie Predator Build

I've been working on a Nitro Predator for about a month and ahalf now. I'm stalled trying to figure out some problems with an Airtronics radio system I have that doesn't want to work. Everything "seems" OK but when I hook up servos to the receiver and try to control with the TX, no luck. the servos jitter when I apply power at the receiver, but no response at all to TX commands.

am playing with adding a controllable rudder to the Predator for no other reason than the real one has… Continue

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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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