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Gyro-Stabilized PTZ Gimbal for UAVs


I am an ex-USAF Avionics Sensors guy, and I have always wanted a gyro stabilized laser targeting system. Now that I am all grown up, I'll settle for a gyro stabilized camera.


A little looking, and I found some nice UAV equipment.It's a little out of my price range at $10,000 for the day system and $20,000 for the FLIR system.




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Rule of Thumb for Power to Lift

1 horsepower = 7 pounds

I've come across this magic number using different sized rotors, props, and engines in large RC helicopters and planes, and also researching horsepower to lift divided by time in several ultralight and light sport aircraft and rotorcraft, and this is a good rule of thumb when developing something that needs to do more than hover or drift in the wind.

Guidelines for precise calculation of…


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Inexpensive Online Machine Shop

Have you asked yourself "It would be great if I could get this part, but smaller" or "i could use this but it needs extra flanges or tubes or whatever" then you're in luck

check it out - you get instant part price quoting from the ***FREE*** CAD software program

A little patience goes a long way!

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Variable Pitch Quad Rotor - M/UAV

Variable Pitch Quad Rotor - M/UAV

DIY project ranging from a 600cc 120HP etec Ski-Doo engine, UltraSport 254 tail rotors, extruded aluminum blades from Vortech, aluminum / steel…


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