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[COMMUNITY] - Today, Ardupilot banned to me from and my related Ardupilot project.

Well, that's happening.

I don't know what's happening inside the Ardupilot community, it's really a community project or what else?.

But as i know and you know, the community doesn't make it private any related project, Ardupilot is a Free Software and open sourced project for related projects and for well like many others.



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Testing Virtual Reality Joystick example based on IMU 10-DOF APM 2.x Boards.

Testing Virtual Reality Joystick example based on IMU 10-DOF high speed sytem with APM 2.x board.

NO HOST DRIVERS needed, this work directly on any platform!

This example will be available on the URUS github repo, right now we have pushed 70% code. We hope to push it on the next week.

We have opened a gitter channel for developers…


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Hi Folks,

FYI, URUS project was removed for now from Linux HAL Ardupilot libraries, URUS is moving to separate HAL from January on this PR https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pull/5552

The changes is doing in Urus Team repo on github:…


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[URUS TEST] - First test Urus Protocol

Hello Dev! great news!

finally after 9 month testing and developing the all Urus ecosystem, we have the first test video using the Urus Protocol - Urus System and running with Ardupilot master scheduler for this time on Arduino board and on Android app.

I'm sorry for the late support the community at the proposed time about 18 month…


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[URUS STUDIO IDE] - UAV and Robotics development for APM and URUS system

Urus Studio IDE is done! First picture!

Urus Studio is an OpenSource multiplatform IDE designed to build C/C++ Standard ANSI C software and advanced autopilot and industrial real time systems with the Ardupilot power and Urus System for Urus embedded nanokernel, you will can build for Linux, Windows and MacOS Desktop too.

The first…


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[DEVELOPERS] - URUS Documentation conference published

Hi folks, sorry about delay publishing URUS system source code, for people interested and to know how it's will work with ardupilot, there is a recently documentation with descriptive images explaining the URUS structure system and URUS Protocol.

This document was used in a conference at EMI University and UAGRM Bolivia's statal university.



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NEW ARDUPILOT APM 2.x features: URUS System

APM:URUS system will be the first autoconfigurable and scalable BRAIN MODULE and a CAPE IO for ROBOTICS and AUTOMATED Systems, thinking on industrial aplications.

We highlighted that an owner with APM 2.x board will can work with lastest Ardupilot…


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Ardupilot API port to atmega328p.

This is a most focused development for beginner APM developers to understand how multitasking work with interrupts and APIs.

The main purpose about this port is the scheduler developed by Andrew Tridgell and…


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Mavlink port in Pascal

Mavlink Pascal Unit

For developers interested, i pushed a Mavlink port to Pascal language at this PR:



Especial thanks to Andrew Tridgell, Randy, Lucas de Marchi, Gustavo José de Sousa and Ardupilot Team for

let me learn and show me the power of the API APM.

Thanks to Lorenz Meier to…


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Like as @rmackay9 Randy Mackay, @tridge Andrew Tridgell, @magicrubTom Pittenger, @lucasdemarchi …


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Adding Universal Robotics Unmanned System (URUS) System to APM

With URUS you could make like automated control Home, Robotics Games (Like Lego Mindstorm) and more, working with APM Apis and Raspberry Pi under Linux OS.

At first time i will try get this work for Domotic System (Automated System Home), you could do on:

URUS:Home basic system.

ON/OFF Lights directly.

ON/OFF Lights at specified times.

OPEN Doors with…


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ArduCopter 3.2.1 and AntennaTracker 0.7.2 on MEGAPIRATE!

It's a solution that you can build and upload the last APM 3.2.1 code for MEGAPIRATE BOARDS and AVR atmega2560 GENERICS BOARD with I2C bus communication.

As you know, megapirate team stop building APM and the last code was 3.1.5 version, we are desired work and port the last AVR APM 3.2.1 to this board, megapirate and AVR boards with atmega 2560 and…


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Thus Drone.bo was born. BOLIVIA.

Drone.bo is a Bolivian company with OpenSource and OpenHardware ideology that develop, design and manufacture drones or UAVs technology, Rovers and Robotics.

This enterprise was born with the desire and dream show to the world that in Bolivia, we realize our dreams, we believe in our people and their ability to make advanced…


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Drone.bo conference at Engeneering Society of Bolivia with Electronic Engeneering (SIB) and Electricity College Society of Santa Cruz (CIEE).

Drone.bo tells and shows the OpenHardware techonology at enterprises and comercial use to the businessman about important industrial use at agronomy, petroleum scouting, georeferencing, surveying and…


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A new AUTOBOTS was born!

It's an PRO-X1 Customized!

PRO-X1 is an OpenhHardware drone designed, developed and manufactured by Drone.bo.

This one has a Multiwii mod. performed software to this Hardware.

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Introducing DRONE.BO Technologies


We are introducing PRO-X1 Drone. It's a drone made for work, with a full ABS 3D printed, CNC aluminium and Carbon Fiber frame parts and structure.

Development, Design and  high quality manufacture from Bolivia to the world. The flight controller is an ATMEGA 2560 with a Multiwii code modification. Comes with a Ublox customized GPS, Tarot 2D Gimbal and 5.8 Ghz FPV TX/RX 200mw.

PRO-X1 is an OpenHardware Drone and OpenSource under Creative…


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