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DeltaQuad VTOL completes 100KM autonomous mission carrying a 1KG payload

This Saturday at DronesLab we achieved an important milestone in the final steps towards the public release of the DeltaQuad: A 100KM autonomous mission carrying a 1KG payload. This marks the achievement of the most important goal we have set when we started the development of this vehicle over a year…


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Vertical Technologies releases the DeltaQuad - Fully autonomous VTOL UAV with unique capabilities

Vertical Technologies has released their DeltaQuad series of autonomous VTOL UAVs. This hybrid vertical takeoff fixed wing vehicle can stream telemetry and video over the cellular network…


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Scam warning: NEMORC.COM and DRONADA.COM

To anyone considering a purchase from or i would like to warn you of the following.

The store is owned by Phillippe Cosyn from Moldova, someone who is known to scam and has previously done so under the name RCMOLD-STORE.COM. (

He now operates under

After transferring funds to him he…


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Autonomous 60KM flight of the DeltaQuad VTOL

We are currently on the 5th prototype of the DeltaQuad VTOL and today we have put it through its paces with a 60KM autonomous flight. Over at DronesLab we have been working on this machine for more than a year and are in the final stages before releasing it to market. Above is a sneak preview.

The 60KM flight was planned after settling on…


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DronesLab DeltaQuad prototype at PX4 headquarters in Zurich

The second prototype of the DeltaQuad was given to the PX4 team at ETH in Zurich. The DeltaQuad is a VTOL flying wing based on the Skywalker X8. It is currently under development at…


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DeltaQuad VTOL autonomous maiden flight

After some succes with the QuadRanger we developed we decided to step it up and convert this Skywalker X8 to VTOL. And this was it's maiden (autonomous) flight

It was outfitted with the PX4 flightstack too which I recently added the VTOL_TAKEOFF and VTOL_LAND…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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