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And now, the 4th incarnation of the airframe

So it's changed a bit from what came in the original box...

Now got the long legs on the copter, and the two-axis camera mount and a camera, so I can show everyone that I

can't fly very well...

Some points on this airframe that are going to serve me well:

  • Lots of room underneath the main body for mounting various sensors (see below for…

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It flies! It flies! First Flight!

OK, OK, technically this is the second  flight..  First flight is here:  ; I just like the second video better.


The vertical instability was caused by me not having the throttle curve set right on the Transmitter; by default it is just a straight line from 0 to…


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If at first you don't succeed... Coptermatic Chronicle part 1a


Well, after a week busy at work (err, and running through Portal 2), it's back to the bench.



The second APM showed up, and this time I managed to solder the connectors on correctly.  That was a good feeling.

Got the IMU connectors on, hooked up the GPS and the magnetometer, and fired up the APM on the bench.  Ran several diagnostics…


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Start as you mean to go on -- The Coptermatic Chronicle Part 1

Minor background before I start.  

I've been playing with wheeled robots for a while, using the Basic Stamp as a controller.   Just tinkering, and more interested in the software side of things (as well as having something that annoys the cat).  My enthusiasm died out about 7 years ago, then my son gave me a Lego…


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