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Drones prepare to do battle with nets, balls and a Tesla Coil at DroneClash 2019 (bright sparks included!)

How do you take down a drone? This is the question being asked at DroneClash 2019 next Saturday 16th March.

At this spectacular competition -  dubbed by…


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Team registration open for DroneClash 2019

 DroneClash 2018 was cool, DroneClash 2019 will be cooler!

Want to win 50.000 euro in prize money? Sign up your team! The DroneClash competition is the next-level FPV competition a 3D robowars. Teams will battle against each other like a real-life video game. Each team is allowed to use as many drones as they…


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The drones soared, most weapons fired, many queens were taken down, and all battles have been fought. DroneClash has happened!

DroneClash is, and always has been, a multi-angle experiment. “I want to get the tinkering back into drones, I want to have fun with drones again, indeed I want to give the counter-drone…


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DroneClash: Eight teams signed up to win the 50.000 Euro prize money

Here again an update of DroneClash.
Eight teams signed up at the last moment of the deadline! Exactly what we were aiming at.
The ticket sale (www.droneclash.nl/tickets/) is now officially opened, for 15E you get access to a day long of drones: from DroneClash…

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Hi all Open-Source enthusiast,

Paparazzi UAV, the real Open-Source autopilot driven by a community of users without an economically driven goal. Today we are adding an extra autopilot board to there …


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Hijacking drones with a MAVLink exploit

From Shellintel (via Hackaday)…


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Parrot Bebop paparazzi integration

Hi UAV community,

As you know paparazzi is very modular platform. To show the world how modular we are, we work hard on implementing paparazzi into the Parrot Bebop. At the Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory…

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International Micro Air Vehicle Conference 2014

The Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab) of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is proud the present the 2014 International Micro Air Vehicle…


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IMAV 2014 Conference and Competition

                             IMAV 2014

                  International Micro Air Vehicle

                  Conference and Competition…


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octo at the tour in france

See the video from the Belgium television:  here


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IMAV competition lending out Parrot AR Drones


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