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Flymanta Avatar on a Football Ground.

Here is the FlyManta AVATAR movie shoot made this week-end with a 2 axes Direct Drive Brushless. I was at Cité Universitaire in PARIS where i live. (A kind of Big Campus for foreign people. All nationality is represented here)

FlyManta particularity is the YAW movment made with 2 Servomotors on front Arms.

The Yaw command is the same than a normal…


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Hi everyone,

From month now, i finaly decide to make that build that i wanna share here.

The control is AIO Pro card with Multiwii 2.1 don't know if APM can handle the Bi Copter configuration ?

I did it with 10 mm aluminium arms and plastic blocs. hope you like it !!!

Next Step is the command. Enjoy !!!

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Hi all, here is what you can expect from that plateforme with 10 amp ESC and KDA 20/26

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Moving Average Function for Gimbal on MultiWii 2.1

Hi Guys, (and girls ;))

I've tried today the Moving Average Function for smoothing the Gimbal servo.

Here is my result with 300 Hz refresh rate and a windy condition. I'm happy because this average really help.

I still have vibration but less than before. i've notice that the CG need to be well center to have better results.

Is someone have tried…


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MultiWii 2.1 HEXA with GIMBAL

Hi all,

Here is a video i've made with MultiWii 2.1 and my Hexa (Flyduspider) to demonstrate how works Gimbal command.

I have the minimum conf with Arduino Pro Mini and a PPM Sum card to save two output need for Gimbal command, and one for Cam Trigger.

In the code you can chose between 50 Hz 160 Hz and 300 Hz for the servo command, in the video…


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ENJOY GUYS IT'S SUMMER TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Recycling Propellers

Hi guys,

Today I've found a way to recycle broken propellers and it works perfectly. ;) I wanted to share it!

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Paralel Tasks Executed by 3 kind of robot (hand, foot, flying) (Swarmanoid)

Really cool and instructable movie about connective robots. it's Friday guys !!!!!!

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Robot that can walk and fly

Here is a cool project i've found on the net... it can walk and fly :)

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OS61FX Hybrid Penta copter

Here is a good example of collaboration, an Hybrid MultiCopter.

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Loop in the night with lighted Y6

It's time for me to add light on the Y6 and to try to fly in the night. I let you enjoy the movie.

I put the two LED strips directly on the supply rail, hope it's the best way to do it.

it's another pleasure to flight in the night…


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My first loop!


When I saw Warthox do a loop with MultiWii I was so impressed and inside my mind i said : one day you'll make one and I kept this dream inside a little box of my head. Today was my day when i decide to try .... Well I'll let you watch the film.


One thing ;) i made it with MultiWii 9.0, someone can tell me if i can try with APM? I never saw someone do it with APM…


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Why OCTOV is a good choice for Aerial Movies



Hi everyone,


After several weeks of Flying with this plateform it's time for conclusion.

Avantages of OctoV : Payload can be 1 Kg

Autonomie can reach 5 mn with 4S 5000MAh

Against the Wind it flies well


One time the OctoV just fall down from 20 meters (no more juice) but the plateform stay horizontal and the Camera was safe :)  3D camera (really…


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OCTOV travelling stability with 2.0.42

So today i tried to make a movie with the GoPro and the OCTOV platform and it seems to be stable.

Next step is to put caoutchouc under the motors to absorb more vibration.

This Plateform is really dedicaded for movie !! enjoy Guys !!

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OCTOV 1KG hanging payload




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OCTOV flight with 2.0.42


Today i tried a flight of my OCTAV frame (1 meter long), the stability is perfect without code modification…


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Travelling with CamRaptorY690

I tried to fly softly with my little Y6 and finally put the Go Pro in front the two arms to avoid seeing propeller in the movie.

Here is the result without Roll compensation for the Go Pro

Question : in the last firmware 2.0.39 did the camera stabilization is better ?? than 2.0.35

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CamRaptorY690 in full action playing with an Ar Drone :)

I wanna share this with you guys to show you how ArduCopter is stronger than traditionnal ar drone :)

these guys playing with their drone said that they bought it for their children :)

I Fly with 2.0.35 who is what i need for now for my movies. The frame is home made (cheap with 10mm alu).

I stay available… Continue

Added by patrice.rance on August 15, 2011 at 1:00am — 9 Comments

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