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"Things are looking up for eyes in the skies"

This headline appears in The Times newspaper, published in London, on Friday 23 March in a feature about the growth of US police forces using unmanned aircraft. (Although the article is behind a paywall, it is reprinted in the Australian …


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Came across this in the Science Museum London as a development by Manchester University. It looked like the motors are fixed at this angle - Why? Anyone suggest any benefits for this arrangement - faster yaw control? greater stability? more controllable?


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ArduOktoKopter Flies

I have just tried my Oktokopter on its second flight (despite the wind and light rain that made it a very short flight) and it seems flyable. When the weather calms down I will give it a longer flight and try… Continue

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Panther UAV

This is a recent video of the IAI Panther UAV

that combines vertical take off with conventional fixed wing flight. This video is apparently of the miniPanther weighing 12kg and with 2hour…

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The Rise of The Geek Dad

Under this title there is an article in the Weekend section of The Times (UK) newspaper today with a quarter page picture of Chris Anderson and Daniel.

Well done Chris!


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Which Ublox GPS?

Came across this post on the Mikrokopter forum and wondered how this might affect the Ardupilot fitted with the Ublox LEA5-H: " we did our tests with the LEA5H to use it with the NaviCtrl. We couldn't find a solution to get it work. The data rate of the LEA5 is not constant. (depends on how many satelites are received). Statement from ublox: this is a typical behavior, if you use refresh rates below 1 Hz.

This is the reason, why we use the LEA4H for our MKGPS.

So - LEA5H… Continue

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Features for next version of Ardupilot

Developing and especially testing hardware and software is never easy and by opening the process to others, solutions can often be identified very quickly and development move on more quickly.

I don't know how you went about developing the A/Pilot and I couldn't find any threads about future features so excuse me if I am talking out of turn but I and I am sure others would like to be involved in the process in terms of features for the next version, writing code and testing. Would… Continue

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Ardupilot 2 Hardware Block Diagram ver 2

As I can't see how to add a new file to an existing blogpost I have added this new post for the update of my hardware block diagram.

Ardupilot 2 block diag 1.1.pdf

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Ardupilot 2 hardware diagram

A large number of you have contributed a great deal to this effort so here is my humble offering - a block diagram of the hardware. I have deliberately left out the power regulators and tried to show just the key signal lines.

Hope it is of benefit to someone!!


Ardupilot 2.pdf

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