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DIY Transistors and OLEDs on a Makerbot

From MrKimRobotics: When you can print electric traces and semiconductors, a lot of things change.  Obviously, this is a long way from printing out the kind of high-density computronium you get from TSMC, IBM and Intel, but you do get some nice benefits.  For one, no fab…


Added by Shannon Morrisey on December 16, 2010 at 1:03pm — 1 Comment

Visual Autolanding System for Rotorcraft

Yet another visual auto pilot system looking beyond the limitations of accelerometers and gyroscopes.

From The Engineer:…

Added by Shannon Morrisey on December 4, 2010 at 11:16am — 1 Comment

Autopilot Attitude Control Based on Honey Bees' Vision

Autopilot imitates honey bees for aircraft aerobatics

From The University of Queensland:Australian scientists have developed a novel autopilot that guides aircraft through complex aerobatic manoeuvres by watching the…

Added by Shannon Morrisey on December 1, 2010 at 3:25pm — 3 Comments

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