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ConservationDrones Vanguard deployed in Nepal‘s latest UAVs were recently deployed in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. We…


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Interactive Checklists (Proposal)



Every now and then a new blog post or forum thread pops up something along the lines of "Be careful, I got cut by the propeller ..." with ugly images attached.

UAVs are complex solutions and can be dangerous. The technology itself can help prevent accidents but eventually in most cases it boils down to human errors. I have fond memories sitting…


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APM supports conservation researchers around the globe

ResearchDrones Training in Congo

Training Cambodian researcher and wildlife workers near Pu Trom

We have been busy developing and building ArduPilot Mega based UAV's for conservation and economical research the last couple of months together with our friends from

The goal is to provide an easy to use, durable, field fixable and affordable solution that can be operated in nearly any environment. Currently our UAV has been…


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Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Scotland

ResearchDrones and ConservationDrones recently went to Scotland to examine the potential of using drones for the conservation work of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. The team went to the amazingly beautiful Caerlaverock wetland area to obtain images and footage of the wildlife and vegetation in the…


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I just discovered a nice online service where you can share your circuit design. Eagle and Kicad files are accepted. From the Website:


CircuitBee provides a platform for you to share live versions of your circuit schematics on your websites, blogs or forums.

Features include full zooming capability, panning, and even mouse over tips about symbols in the schematic.

It sure beats a blurry screenshot or a giant PDF!

Sign-up and get your circuit…


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Howto: ArduPilotMega + USB + qGroundControl

This document describes how to connect an ArduPilotMega with qGroundControl via USB (helpful for first tests of your micro controller).



ArduPilotMega is an Arduino based Autopilot micro controller, programmable with C/C++. Arduino based stuff is nice, because it does not require much of hardware knowledge to get started.…


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