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Full Scale Quad - I Frame Design

Here is a concept shot of what is a continual evolution of designs.  This is way off in the future, but is the end goal of what I'm working towards.  Now that I'm starting to acquire actual parts and pieces I'm a bit concerned about the weight.  But first things first, and one step at a time.  I still have yet to build even one good rotor blade, but I do have a…


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Full Scale Quad - Composite Rotor Blade

Here are some photos of my progress on the rotors for my full scale quad.  This quad design targets a 200 kg gross wt with 4 rotors of 2.5m diameter.  It's mot much progress, but if you're interested here are the pics.

Rotor Tip Weights

Rotor Tip Weight against leading edge (fiberglass) rod.…


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Bonding Parts: More Area not always the answer-Joint Design CRITICAL

This is a picture of an assembly that is part of my full scale (human size) quad-copter rotor blade.

For background, the FlexElement is the structural member that will connect the rotor blade to the rotor hub or head. (shaft). The leading edge rod is an internal structure to give the leading edge of the rotor blade airfoil durability for small impacts.…


Added by Randy Sonnicksen on March 3, 2016 at 12:41pm — 9 Comments

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