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Bearingless Rotor

My rotor hub design continues to evolve as I learn more about the complex forces and motions of a rotor system.

One of my goals of this project was to keep it simple.  Ideally as simple mechanically as a small electric quad, but as discussed in a previous post, that is not the desired approach, so I'm designing a "collective only" variable pitch rotor head, not unlike…


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Composite Rotor Blade: Spar Construction

As mentioned before, I'm basing my full scale quad design around a 4m rotor diameter. That makes each rotor blade 2 m long. I've decided on a NACA0012 airfoil which is commonly used for full scale helo's. This is a symmetrical airfoil with a glide ratio of about 60:1. I'm planning to build the rotors of composites with E-glass fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin and…


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Full Scale Quad

A few months ago, I read the Wright Brothers biography by David McCullough. It inspired me to create. I have always been interested in flight and have enjoyed RC airplanes in the past. The widespread popularity of the quad-copter has sparked a new interest for me.

I am a mechanical engineer, and work in the process control industry. Part of my job…


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