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Introducing HDwing 4 - my motor-glider for high altitude balloon (HAB) launch

Some who have followed my blog posts will know that I have been working on my HDwing design series for a return-to-launch glider concept using ArduPilot Mega.  Everything I have revealed so far has been based on relatively conventional flying wing ideas. Till now...

This forward-swept flying wing concept was inspired by the work of Justin Ammon (EdgeRC / birdofprey) that I spotted on…


Added by Andrew Rabbitt on March 15, 2012 at 5:00pm — 21 Comments

Slow Flight with APM - mastering the PID on the edge of stall

One of the features of extreme high altitude flight is the high true airspeeds that are needed to generate the dynamic pressure required for airborne flight.  To minimise these extreme speeds for my high altitude glider project, I wanted to increase the flyable operation envelope closer to the airframe's stall speed, helping the reign-in the stratospheric true airspeeds!

As I was playing…


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APM-guided High Altitude Glider Drop Simulation in X-plane

I've been working towards a realistic simulation of my high-altitude return-to-launch glider project in X-plane and this is the latest result which some here might find interesting.

The simulation is running with X-plane 9, APM-MP 1.1.36 (to keep the TAS into APM - more on that later) and a slightly modified version of ArduPlane 2.28.

To achieve the drop,…


Added by Andrew Rabbitt on March 1, 2012 at 1:30am — 15 Comments

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