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My Bixler UAV project

 Hello everyone,

Today I am going to introduce my UAV Bixler project.

I bought this Bixler airplane from H.King about several months ago and wanted to put pixhawk in it to test how well it can fly autonomously.

After receiving the plane I searched the web to get any information about how to modify the plane. There are many DIY examples on such thing however most of them requires cutting the fuselage half or cutting the entire nose section. I think this…


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Introducing AIrVator.

I would like to show you guys my most recent work on conceptual design of a manned drone.

After designing many different kind of mini or micro sized drones myself, I begin to think about making a huge drone as others may already started to make. 

I think 200kg payload should be a…


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Mantis280 with lowepro drone back pack

Hello all.

I got this lowepro CS300 drone backpack from fry's electronics while traveling in LA, California. 

This back pack is perfect match to my drone project as it can accommodate all the gears and spare parts for not just one but two drones as seen below picture.

5 battery modules are inside the upper band wrapped pocket.

I think the folding mechanism of Mantis280 really gives advantage of moving stuffs compact and…


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Runcam 2 gimbal more prototype

View on YouTube

Hi all. 

I recently updated the runcam2 gimbal for my quadcopter design.

To see the previous design, check here …


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Mantis280 3d printed folding drone with gimbal in test

Xrotors is developing a 3D printable folding drone. If you missed my first post please check from following link:


or you can visit www.xrotors.net for more info. 

These days I have been testing gimbal version of the…


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XRotors 280 size with folding arm quadcopter design.

I just joined this forum with new id to share some info about this new drone project I started. 

This drone named Mantis280 is a 280 size quadcopter with fold-able arm and modular battery.

Modular battery is specially designed to slide into the body by un-folding the arm and fitted to the main connector thus secure both the battery and rear arms.…


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