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Meet CargoCopter: our latest generation of high-speed, long-range drones

At KU Leuven we have been developing a new generation of drones to double the speed and range of conventional multi-rotor drones.

For quite some years already, multi-rotor drones are the preferred type of drone for typically applications…


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Which one has the highest range: VTOL, helicopter, multi-rotor (or flying squirrel?)

With the increasing interest in the use of multi-rotor UAVs for long range applications such as pipeline inspection, large-area mapping, transporting packages or even people, the question arises: “how far can they fly?”.  

In this post I’ll present a theoretical approach, an experiment and a conclusion to answer this question. Let’s start with some basic theory that can be used for all flying things. The distance d that a UAV can cover, flying at a constant…


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VertiKUL 2: our second generation of transitioning VTOL UAV for automated aerial transport

At the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) we are working hard on improving performance of multi-rotor UAVs in terms of flight speed, endurance and possible payload, with the application of automated aerial transportation in mind. Our approach is to add wings to…


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Design of a multi-rotor VTOL UAV and docking station for automated aerial transport

Last academic year at KU Leuven, we designed, built and test flown a VTOL UAV: the VertiKul. During this project we gratefully made use of the info and support of the DIY Drones community and therefore we would like to share our results on this project.

The VertiKul is designed for automated aerial transport of small packages and is optimized for maximum…


Added by Bart Theys on July 14, 2014 at 7:00am — 64 Comments

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