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DroneSpeak to go offline starting 1 March 2016

To DIY Drones (DIYD) Members and website visitors:  I am planning to terminate hosting of, to focus on applying drone systems to address urgent problems with our…


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Drone stuck on 115,000-volt power line

"Watching Saturday’s events unfold, Jones said he knew the job must have cost City Light “quite a bit of money” because there were eight line workers and a fleet of trucks and service vehicles. But when he asked workers what it was costing, he didn’t expect $35,000.

“That is a staggering sum of money — all for the benefit of the liberty to fly some toy around in…


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Civilian and commercial drones in the National Air and Space Museum (US)

As reported by Bard College's Center for the Study of the Drone: 

"On Thursday March 19, the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, home to such iconic aircraft as the Enola Gay, the Spirit of St. Louis, the SR-71 Blackbird (which travelled from Los Angeles to its final home in D.C. in 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 20 seconds), and the Space Shuttle…


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Autonomous cars (unmanned ground vehicles) sooner than we think?

Excerpt below from How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy by 2025

"I have spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about…


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Want to buy a drone? Have a new drone?

After reading this recent NY Times article, we developed a page with the intent of quickly raising awareness of newbie quadcopter product buyers of all ages. Below is a copy of most of the page’s content (as of this DIYD blog…


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2014 ASME Student Design Competition finishes

(Excerpt below is from this press release)

"(Montreal, Canada) November 17, 2014

Eighteen teams of young engineers-in-training competed for the right to call…


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Hexacopter helps increase knowledge about the health of killer whales

Remarkable photos and videos within this informative 11 minute interview with John Durban, a biologist with NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California.

"For the first time, scientists have used an unmanned aerial…


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Google Glass, civilian drones, and space for reflection

A friend outside of DIYD passed on a link to a thought-provoking post by Michael Sacasas. His observations are around people and Google Glass. However as I read this remarkable writing I thought of parallels to the fast-growing topic…


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Nature inspiring drone development

BBC News has published a brief survey article about research being done in 14 universities (some of which are listed here). The article includes links to several videos of ongoing research.

"In the journal…


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Traveling this summer with your UAV or drone system?

Are you traveling somewhere with your UAV or drone? Want to become more aware of potential issues at checkpoints?  This page offers links to relevant DIY Drones content back through 2007. 

Do you have direct, personal…


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Drones used to keep watch on Britain's vulnerable birds

"The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is using a remotely controlled drone to spy on the nests of endangered breeds and monitor the progress of reintroduced species.

Breeding patterns of bitterns and marsh…


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Drone Operator Fined After Almost Hitting NYC Pedestrian

"Zablidowsky was accused by the FAA of flying in restricted airspace without obtaining permission from controllers and operating the drone in a “careless or reckless manner.”

The airspace designation above that part of New York is the same as for flights using nearby airports, including LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy, according to the FAA.

The agency…


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Using drones to protect young deer in Germany

As published by The Guardian (link to the full story is here):

"A German wildlife rescue project is deploying small aerial drones to find young deer hiding in tall grass and protect them from being shredded by combine harvesters cutting…


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Multirotor used near Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver Harbour

Transport Canada and the RCMP are investigating videos posted on YouTube showing an “unmanned air vehicle” flying near Vancouver International Airport and over Vancouver Harbour, the site of commercial float-plane operations.

Transport Canada spokesman Rod Nelson said Tuesday the federal department is “very concerned about the operations of this UAV and we have…


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Oso Washington Mudslides– We had the UAVs there but didn’t fly

Here is a link to a report about an attempt to use UAVs to help emergency responders at Oso in Washington State.

At the recent …


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For DIY Drones newbies (and non-newbies)

Welcome to a remarkable, international, and evolving community. I was a newbie/noobie/noob to DIY Drones in 2012. I found much useful information while reading over 2000 DIY Drones blog posts during 2013. Some links to those blog posts have been collected on…


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2013 DroneSpeak Year in Review

What a year this has been! We'd like to offer our thanks to 3D Robotics and everyone who contributed to the diydrones community. More information available on …


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TED Talks Playlist: Will drones save us or destroy us? (12 talks)


12 TED Talks available…


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Who is thinking about civilian drones, UAVs?

Currently there are many, diverse viewpoints and views about the evolving, civilian unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) industry. You may be interested in the overview we developed in THIS post. We plan to revisit the topic in 2014.

- John Githens, with Doug…


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Panel discussion with Cummings (MIT) and Toscano (AUVSI)




(My apologies if this topic has already been posted. I did not find mention when searching the DIYD site.)

A panel discussion in May was one of the most informative videos I have seen recently about both opportunities and constraints for the evolving civilian UVS industry.…


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