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4 Secrets to Keeping Your Drone in Great Condition

Welcome to the wonderful world of drones. If you've just gotten your first drone, you’re in for a real treat, so get ready to enjoy the experience.

Perform Pre-Flight Procedures

Like any…


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The What, Why, and How of Protecting Your Drones

Drone protection is essential for those who do not want their investment in this expensive technology to go to waste. Therefore, there are a few critical areas in which drone owners can make sure their drones will last as long as the owner expects and be an enjoyable experience.…


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Is it Illegal to Drink and Drone?

Using a drone, whether as a hobby or business project, seems harmless to most people. The reality is that the risks of midair collisions…


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How Drones are Changing the Tech Industry

Looking like a device straight out of science-fiction, drones have taken the world by storm. Also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, drones are being used by private industry and government. Whether being used to provide aerial views of an archaeological dig or to provide stunning shots for a blockbuster motion picture, there's no doubt drones…


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Are Drones Safe? Here's 5 Things to Think About

There is no question that we are living in the midst of a drone revolution. Consumers around the world are being captivated by the prospect of controlling these high-tech flying machines, and questions about their safety are beginning to emerge. An early 2017…


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Six of the Best and Most Unexpected Uses for a Drone

The FAA predicts there will be 7 million drones registered in the US by 2020. While over half of the drones flying today belong to hobbyists, the rest are owned by private enterprise and various government agencies.


However, despite their popularity, drones are a controversial tech. Opponents argue they're unsafe and…


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