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JJRC 1000A Quadcopter Drone Remember?


Quadcopter Drone Flying Characteristics

All in all the JJRC Quadcopter Drone is a very robust, stable flyer. Changing the direction the Quadcopter is pointing towards (the yaw rate) is not spectacular in low rates but is quite acceptable in the top 100% mode. However when flying in this mode be aware any sharp…


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Preferred Motors Of DRL Pilots

Even among drone enthusiasts, many can be surprised when they learn that drone racing has effectively become a sport. Not very long ago, the “Drone Racing League” was basically being tested by ESPN, shown on television during odd hours and such. However, once ESPN essentially renewed DRL for a second “season,” so to speak, it seemed the sport was…


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Should consider factors when selecting drone frame

Whenever you are looking for racing drone frame, there are the main factor you should always consider when choosing drone frame.


X or H type



Size: This most important factor to consider before deciding to choose the best…


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Which flight controller will you choose?

As we know, there are so many flight controller brands on the market like RJXHOBBY, Crazepony, DYS, Betaflight, Openpilot, Hobbypower, Kiss etc. But which is the proper one for your FPV?

Listed the popular FC as below, after reading them, which one will you choose? I need…


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Fastest FPV Drone Reach 250mph

This speed reach 250mph, It is the fastest drone I found it on all over the world. If you find out more faster one, please tell me to update this list.

Video credit:…


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Runcam Split hd Camera Review

Runcam is as known by its hd fpv camera with high quality. Many pilots have tested Runcam other versions (Eagle) before they released the new amazing split one. Lucky, I have received it and want to share this Runcam Split Camera Review on here, please go ahead if…


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E-flite Convergence Vtol test


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Tips about quadcopter lipo battery

Lipo battery have become an essential part of drone, but if you do not know maintain them, here you come the right place.

How to charge a lipo battery for the first time?

In my experiences, the IR of lipo battery is still coming down after 5 cycles even as many as 10 cycles, therefore you will have more better flights from a battery with…


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Quadcopter ESC: Type, Firmware and Key parameters

Before choosing the best esc for quadcopter or FPV, you should know some ESC knowledges (Type, Firmware and Key parameters) as below.

ESC type

A Brushed Motor has a rotating set of wound wire coils which acts as an electromagnet with two poles.

A Brushless Motor uses a permanent…


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3 difference flight controller types of flying style

quadcopter Flight controller Flight controllers tend to be aimed at different types of flying style: Cinema Flying, Sport Flying and Autonomous Flying. At the same time, there is a massive number of flight controller brands in the market, so it's hard to know which is best. Today I will give some perspective on that.


Flight controller For Cinema Flying

Pixhawk PX4 :Integrating…


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The main parameters for choosing best drone battery

basic parameters of drone battery

Here are some tips to help you consider the main parameters for choosing a lipo battery for your drone. 

Main parameters


Normally, more capacity is mean more power and more energy. In fact As the battery gets larger, the increase in flight time becomes ineffective, because of the weight of battery. You should have to think about the weight when consider the capcity, Should not be absorbed in choosing bigger capacity battery…


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Turnigy graphene review: can it increase flight time?

Why are so many people looking forward to it and can Turnigy graphene lipo battery really can increase flight time for quadcopter? Today, I make a article about Turnigy graphene review for helping you to know what's the graphene battery and its performance.

What is the graphene lipo battery?

Graphene batteries is Newly developed a kind of new…


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Quadcopter brushless motor: which brand is most popular one?

Quadcopter brushless motor There are massive amount of quadcopter brushless motor brands in the market, What factors should you consider when choosing a given quadcopter motor brand? and Which one is the most popular one? Below are listed most brushless motor brands for you.


Cobra brushless motors are designed to offer performance and value for your quadcopter. Built from some high-quality components, they provide top-level performance for years. Featuring an integrated motor…


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