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Tp-link wr703n as Openpilot (and maybe other) wifi telemetry link, and HD webcam broadcasting TUTORIAL


I found that lot of people discovered this new feature of the wr703n flashed under openwrt : It is able to stream an USB webcam (soon a Gopro using an easycap) and also to make a bridge between a serial interface (USB according to CDC driver or 3.3V TTL).

see :…


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Yet another Frsky Android project (IOIO inside ;) )


here is the last project I'm working on. I'm trying to build myself my own RC transmitter with my android phone (geeksphone zero) as configurator.

I first try to get a working ppm out of my custom IOIO board, but it was not working very well :…


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[Lightly off topic] printed hydrofoil, IMU stabilization on the way...


Some time ago I fell on this :

that was the spark that ignite everything in my head.

I'm doing…


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Rfm22 telemetry link, MS5706 , and new android software


here is the last news of my development.


I received my small 5dof imu, some new sample of the last 24bits integrated pressure sensor from intersema MS5706, I plug everything on my RC receiver and telemetry transmitter and look at what will work... Surprisingly .. everything...


I check the range out of my telemetry board with just a crap antenna, and it is…


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Dx6i interception board + rfm22 telemetry link + first GroundStation software


I'm still working on my Interception/Injection board for my Spektrum Dx6i, here is the news :


  • the interception is working like a charm, I can monitor all of the 6 channels on the groundstation (the 9 gauge on the left), It can be plugged to usb or over bluetooth.
  • the flying board is (for now) equipped with GPS an a 3 axis accelerometer (gyro is on…

Added by Roman on March 8, 2011 at 5:22am — 10 Comments

Spektrum Dx6i interception/injection Board


some time ago I broke my DX6I 2.4ghz transmiter, not the full radio, just the transmiter board... The Power Amplifer went away due to the break of the antenna...

I'm still waiting for another transmitter board, but already made a modification based on the transmitter of a hobbyking radio that accept PPM In as signal to continue flying.

As I was browsing web… Continue

Added by Roman on February 23, 2011 at 4:25am — 11 Comments

RC Paraglider driven by Smartphone over Bluetooth

Here is a project I've been working with for several days,

and after 2 bluetooth modules and a Corona 2.4ghz exploded, I finally get the connection between my smartphone and a microchip pic plugged with a bluetooth module.

As my Corona transmitter died I used my Spektrum DX6i as transmitter via the trainer port.

The video show the man a little shakky, this is because I'm only sending commands at… Continue

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EZ430-Chronos as Telemetry system


Some month ago TI developped a watch based on there super low current 430 ic,

in it you can find a µc, a triple axis accelerometer, a pressure sensor, and a 868Mhz RF chip with antenna.

they also give the sdk for cooking custom apps...…


Added by Roman on June 24, 2010 at 3:30am — 6 Comments

Paradrone : a paraglider drone


here is my project : an autonomous in thermal drone.

No motor, able to use the only thermal energy to climb.

I started this project 2 month ago, I did the first glider prototype and pod:

And did my first try with non-autonomous flight :…


Added by Roman on June 9, 2010 at 5:00am — 14 Comments

driving drone with with joystick and DX6i in trainer mode using UBW interface.


for my first post here is what I've done :

I changed the code of the Sparkfun UBW project :

I added a new function (PP) that put the ubw in PPM mode drived by simple serial command over USB.

this way I'm able to drive the servo using a joystick like PCTx do.…


Added by Roman on June 9, 2010 at 4:46am — 16 Comments

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