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Fliip32 IMU over Bluetooth

This video shows a Flip32 flight controller ($15 from re onboard a min 250 quadcopter, sending IMU attitude telemetry (pitch, roll, yaw) to my laptop via a Bluesmirf Bluetooth module ($35 from The Bluesmirf connects to the Flip32's UART via a four-pin jumper cable, also from Sparkfun ($.095).…


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PX4Flow mount

In my last post I showed a Flip32 flight controller talking to a PX4Flow unit using the I^2C protocol.  Once that was working, I wanted to mount the PX4Flow to a vehicle and make a more permanent cable connection.

For the mount, I used Tinkercad to design a simple rectangular …


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Flip32 talking to PX4Flow over I^2

I added a few lines of code to the Baseflight firmware to get optical-flow velocities and sonar altitude from a PX4Flow unit connected to a Flip32 flight controller over I^2C.  In the video you can see the readout on the laptop showing the computed X/Y flow velocities (meters per second) and distance (meters), multiplied by…


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