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the need for spotters in FPV or Collision avoidance systems?


I fly FPV as do most of you Here at DIY Drones, and I will admit that I have flown at times without the use of a Spotter. Yes I know it’s a bad Idea to do so, however I also know I’m not alone. Lots of you do This I know I have seen The videos, But I don’t want to talk about this other than to raise the point that a spotter is not always available at times or…


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KMT design study ?

i just found this while browsing the web and thought it looked cool and figured i would share with the group.

i have not seen this before, it is from 2009 according to the date on it, if anyone has seen it before or if it has been on DIY Drones before let me know.

anyway it looks real cool and i would love to fly it and after the guys that flew the big quad copter…


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more ramblings on the corvid

well the folding frame is done. i am currently waiting on the glue to dry on the motor mount/ nacelles, but the frame is done and folds perfectly, i made the arms a little longer then i first intended. i am hoping to get a little more stability out of it this way, the distance from motor shaft to CG is 600mm, giving a total diameter of 1200mm, yes this is a big Y6, and…


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ramblings about the Corvid Y6 build

i have finally gotten almost all of the materials i need to build my new Y6, cf sheets in 1.5mm, and cf tubes in 20mm id with 1mm wall, and 50mm id with a 1mm wall.

i have gotten the main box pieces cut for the folding arms and the motor nacelles and arm mounts for the design above.

all of the main parts have been glued together and seem very lite and…


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