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Casting for a Drone TV/Internet Series...

Hey guys and girls, I was approached by Numan Films to see if there was interest in participating in a new TV/Internet show around drones... 

Check out the casting call below and get in touch with them directly. I really think it could be fun! …

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IRIS unboxing (photos)

Disclaimers:  This is still called a DEV kit... things may change in real production version. 

Full disclaimer, I am the Canadian reseller of 3DR stuff, but people knowing me know that I keep it true and if there is something I don't like I will point it out! 

So my IRIS RTF arrived Guess what I did... yeah pictures…


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Canadian FrSky Taranis batch 1 is shipped!

This is it... all of FrSky Taranis batch #1 packaged and all ready for Canada Post pickup! 

Also got to meet a lot of you for local pickup, it was busy!  For one night it felt like HobbyKing in here (all remaining units exceeding the pre-orders got sold in 14 minutes after the very late newsletter!) Thanks again!  

I know a lot of you (if…


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CBC News topo on drones for commercial use and hobby (came to see me!)

Mississauga, Ont., businessman Dany Thivierge, right, has established himself as a go-to man for hobbyists in need of drone parts and know-how. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Hi guys, pretty happy about that one! 

Last week we filmed with CBC Evan Mitsui to…


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Phantom's a beginner dream (still need wide open area to be safe)

Hi guys, 

I got permission from my customer to share this story.  

The quad is a DJI Phantom, RTF in 10 minutes when you get your box delivered to you. yes no kidding, it's that simple. 

Of course this kind of product brings a lot of new beginner customers (as well as experienced one looking for a small form factor and easy of…


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Drones in the news (documentary) in Quebec (Canada)

Video link below:  (and yes it's in French...) 

Radio Canada / Decouverte - Drones are in Canada

They scare a bit the audience but they do a fair job informing too.  From military / civil and hobby drones they…


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Boxing Day Sales at CanadaDrones.com


I know Christmas is not done yet! But the deal is on NOW!  


Meanwhile let me wish you a fantastic time with family and friends, share the coupon code and the love. 


See you again next year (sorry will not monitor this much... vacation time is great, once in a…


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Canada Drones, Year 1

Hi everyone, I am happy to report that Canada Drones store has just completed its first year of business! YEAH!
I must say it was a very nice and fun year.  Lots of things to learn and do but do you know what? 
I would do it again in a flash and that’s all because of you, this great community…

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GoPro app is out!

Ok it was a very long wait for those of us who bought the wifi back pack to see our GoPro video on our iphone (and other devices too) 

But it's out today.  

I've tested it and there is like a 3-4 seconds delay so no live streaming that could help us to do cheap (near) FPV... but it's nice to make sure your…


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Introducing 3DR Hexa Sexy legs!

In the quest for ground clearance and light weight legs I think I found a great product. 

These landing gear are usually made for 90 grade F3A Airplane but they fit very well on the 3DR frame. 

Super sturdy, made of Carbon fiber and shaped to absorb some impact (they are very stiff) they work great and will not add a lot more weight.  I first saw something similar…


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Montreal Mini Maker Faire – updates and pictures

Hi guys, the weekend in Montreal was great, really hot out there but we still had a lot of people coming down to the Big O for the Faire.

It was a first time event for the Montreal Maker Faire organization and I think they did a great job.  They will be taking in all that experience and making an even better event next year.  (Better venue? Maybe)

Did I…


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Montreal Mini Maker Faire countdown

Hi folks, the first Montreal Mini Maker Faire is almost here!  http://www.makerfairemontreal.ca/

Check out the maker section, lots of interesting things will be there on top of the Canada Drones boot.  

I have confirmation form a bunch of guys here that will bring their…


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Canada Drones on vacation soon...


This is just a heads up for my fellow customers. 

I am taking a break with the familly Startign July 22.  Shipping will resume on August…


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Canada Drones at the Montreal Maker Faire 2012

Mark your calendars for August 25-26 in beautiful Montreal City!

Canada Drones is proud to let you know that we will be sponsoring the Montreal Maker Faire 2012. 

We will have a booth there with the 3DRobotics and jDrones products on display.  People will be able to interact with the gear in a safe way (no Lipo connected on display…


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X1 / X525 Aluminium motor mount replacement

The nice X525 and X1 QuadCopter frames are cheap and light, perfect for beginner as they have suspension legs helping in the hard landings.  This frame also fold and is great for transportation.  More and more people are using it as basic platform and hack it and improve it.  

This new product is to specifically address the carbon fiber…


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Off topic...but nice!




"You ready to rock and roll, man?” I still didn’t believe what was about to happen. I looked up through the clear glass cabin roof, knowing that the next time I looked up, I’d be staring at the ground below.…


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Turnigy 9X back AGAIN in stock!!



This time it was quite fast...


Full inventory is back... hurry-up!


(this is the last time I report this stock level... )



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