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Was it Live or was it Memorex?

Ascending Technologies showed off some of their technology during the Super Bowl Halftime show. If you have seen the video, the formations look awesome in the night sky. The only issue was that the sequences were taped days prior to the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga was likely standing in front of a green screen when she "leaps" into the stadium. To the trained eye, it…


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Game Boy + Paparazzi UAS = Back to the Future

Demonstration of a UAV (Parrot ARDrone2) running Paparazzi UAS remotely piloted from a Nintendo Game Boy Classic. A fun little summer hack for your Paparazzi powered aircraft. Enjoy!…


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Flying Robot Commander and GSA #1

Global Synchronized Autonomy #1 is rapidly approaching and with it, the need to safely manage the flight of multiple autonomous aircraft. Over the past few months, I've been fine tuning a distributed, browser based, UAV control system that I call the…


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Flying Robot Commander for PaparazziUAV

It's been a few months since the last Flying Robot Commander(FRC) update so I thought it might be a good time to share again. Most of the recent work has been focused on making the code more…


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T-5 Months and Counting to GSA1

What's GSA1? It's the first, of hopefully many, Global Synchronized Autonomy(GSA) events celebrating planetary technical solidarity. It's the opportunity to start/trigger your favorite autonomous systems using any time synchronized device. What are autonomous systems? They include, but are not limited to: flying,…


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Flying Robots Elevate Portland Winter Light Festival

Portland, Oregon is counting down to it's inaugural Winter Light Festival, Feb. 3-6, 2016, and HooperFly Flying Robots are in the mix. Located on the grounds of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry(OMSI), the…


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Global Synchronized Autonomy - Beyond Corporate Drones

In a show of global technical solidarity, on June 25th, 2016 at 1700 hours  00 seconds UTC(GMT for some of us old folks), the world's "Global Synchronized Autonomy" event will occur. What is Global Synchronized Autonomy? Well, it's about using all of our highly synchronized devices and global networks to initiate a bit of local autonomy. You may have heard the saying…


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Flying Robot Commander(Part 2) and Paparazzi

In the continuing evolution of scalable, multi-UAV control surfaces, here's a few minutes demo of the Guidance Mode UI using the Flying Robot Commander in tandem with Paparazzi UAV. The same framework for building last week's Flight Block UI is used in the…


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Flying Robot Commander & Paparazzi UAV

Being a product of the 1960's and a fan of science fiction films/series like Star Trek, Lost in Space, 2001: Space Odyssey, Space 1999, Silent Running, the idea of having a control surface full of multi-colored buttons seemed a natural approach for managing flying aircraft. Last week, I decided to design a web based UI that scratched that 1960's sci-fi itch, so to…


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Paparazzi UAV Release: v5.8 Stable

Season Greetings,

Just in time for the holidays we are happy to announce the release of Paparazzi v5.8_stable.

Check out the v5.8 branch from git to stay on this stable branch (which as usual will get some important fixes backported) or use the master branch to follow the latest development.
With contributions from…

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Ascending Technologies Season Greetings

If you're looking for state-of-the-art, precision flight, you might want to check out the latest video pumped out by the folks over at Ascending Technologies. Pretty impressive and it's only going to get better. Ho, ho, ho!…


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Autonomous Flight at 39 Grams, No Registration Required

If you're looking for an autonomous aircraft without the need for registration in the U.S., Paparazzi UAV and 1bitsquared have got you covered. The Lisa/S quad has a takeoff weight of 39g(0.086 lbs.) That's way below the FAA registration limit and still…


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Multi-UAV Flights For Simultaneous Meteorological Measurments

It's great to see folks doing real science with open-source UAV systems.

ENAC UAV Lab team and Meteo-France (CNRS-GAME and ENM) teams have spent several days at the Atmospheric Research Center of Lannemezan (in the south of France) in order to perform experiments for simultaneous…


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Naze32 and Paparazzi UAV

Paparazzi UAV, an open-source uav platform, is breathing new life, so to speak, into 20K RAM Naze32 and CC3D autopilots. That's great news for anyone that might already own these class of autopilots and would like to use Paparazzi UAV on them(…


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Elle0 and Paparazzi UAV

Today marks the release of the Elle0 autopilot. The folks over atbv1bitsquared have been working long and hard on this new Paparazzi autopilot. It was their goal to make it as affordable as possible without compromising on the power and memory needed to run…

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Paparazzi UAV + Bebop 2 = Open Source Awesome!

For those that would like to turn their soon-to-be-purchased Bebop 2's into robots, PaparazziUAV now runs on the Bebop 2. More details in this post: Parrot Bebop 2…


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UAV Beer Lifting Entertainment

Here is a short video from the annual HobbyKing Beer lift challenge. One of the more entertaining events in the wacky world of UAV's. Maybe the folks over at Amazon, Google, WalMart, etc... can take note. Sure would be nice to see their "delivery" drone offerings/solutions giving the beer lift challenge a go. Maybe next year? Enjoy.


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Nocturnal Flying Robots Emerge

The passing of the autumnal equinox provides more opportunity to test luminary robots. Over the last few years, at about this time, I find myself deep in lighting experiments for upcoming projects. It's important to test any candidate lighting systems to understand how they might affect the autonomous flight characteristics of each aircraft: EMI, power consumption, flight…


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Experiments in Autonomy

Sometimes a flight experiment gone awry exposes a set of behaviors that directly correlate to previous design choices. It's a moment of validation based on developing systems with the expectation that they will fail. The video below is an example of one of these moments.

During one my daily experiments with multiple robots, one of aircraft experienced a GPS interference…


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PaparazziUAV and Multiple MAVs in Flight

A few weeks back I posted about flying multiple robots along with my Periscope channel where the videos age out on a daily basis. Some folks requested a more persistent video of these flights. Yesterday, I went out to the field and did a few flights. My friend Max was nice enough to film one of the multi MAV flights, and I took the initiative to archive it on…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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