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Efficient Powerpath Balancing for Fuel Cell Battery Hybrid Powertrains

For those following my work, thank you and sorry for the long wait for an update!  I am currently writing up my doctorate so as you can imagine I have been a social hermit recently!

Nevertheless, I have now had a journal paper published which…


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Loughborough University Undergraduate Search & Rescue

Undergraduates of Loughborough University have to do a Group Design Project as part of their final year Aeronautical MEng degree. This year, with the help of Simon Howroyd a PhD student at the University, one of the groups were…


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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Polarisation Curve

Hi all,


The latest update on my project for the chemical engineering nerds out there, how to get a polarisation curve from my fuel cell using a raspberryPi controller.


Why a fuel cell; if you haven't followed my other posts, they can provide cruise power for hours, greatly increasing the endurance of a RC plane or…


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Long Endurance Flying Technology Prototype

Please see the video below for a description of my fuel cell controller (so far) for a remote controlled plane. A fuel cell provides much greater energy density than a battery, so for long endurance it is far superior (hours). Hopefully, with a bit of refinement I'll have the system flying in my SkyWalker X8 in the spring.

 Feel free to comment, I look forward to sparking some interest!




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Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV

A hydrogen fuel cell is a device that converts hydrogen gas & air into electricity and water. Although these devices are much lower power density than batteries, they can pump out that power for many hours, depending on the amount of fuel you are storing.

At Loughborough University UK, we are working on a fuel cell and LiPo…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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