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Velodyne $50 U.S "Breakthrough" Solid State Lidar

Today, Velodyne is announcing a "a groundbreaking design for a solid-state lidar sensor that can deliver a subsystem cost of under $50 U.S. when sold in high-volume manufacturing scale.


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World's Smallest Cyclocopter

World's Smallest Cyclocopter: 29 grams

Innovative carbon composite rotor blades (0.12 grams each) and pitch links (10 milligrams), sub-millimeter accuracy, custom 1.3-gram autopilot.

Cyclocopters get particularly interesting at very small scales because of their combination of very high maneuverability and…


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Osram's Laser Chip for Lidar

4-channel LIDAR laser

Dimensions 8 mm x 5 mm

Peak optical output 85 W at 30 A per channel

Wavelength 905 nm

Pulse length < 5 ns

Operating voltage 24 V

The overall lidar system covers 120 degrees in the horizontal plane, with 0.1 degree of resolution, and 20 degrees in the vertical plane, with 0.5 degree of resolution. In…


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