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3DR Presents a Free Aerial Video Masterclass w/Colin Guinn

Join us at 11am PST on Tuesday, March 22nd, for an in-depth seminar on getting the shot, led by one of the world’s foremost experts on aerial cinema, Colin Guinn. This webinar will cover all you need to know about creating and capturing incredible aerial video, with advice and technical tips for absolute beginners all the way up to…


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Update: 3DR Webinar for Drones in Enterprise -- Public Safety

Quick update to the program: The webinar will now be led by Marty Herrin, Chief of the Williamson County, TX, Hazmat team, and John Buell, peace officer in Austin.

This is the first session of 3DR’s new enterprise webinar series detailing drone use for commercial purposes. The webinar will take place on…


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Solo and Gimbal Update from 3DR

The Solo Gimbal is out there in the wild, and we’re seeing some stunning footage you all are shooting. That’s awesome.

As we head into the end of the year, we wanted to share a few things that are coming soon.

The gimbal production line has been cranking without major hiccups. Limited availability of Solo and…


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First 3DR Podcast: A conversation with Chris Anderson

This is the first episode of our new Life After Gravity podcast series. Every other week we’ll deliver conversations with leading thinkers and personalities from the drone world and beyond. We’ll start close to home: This week I speak with 3DR CEO Chris Anderson, who offers insight into the past, present and future of 3DR and the…


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California's New Legislation Goes Too Far: Help stop SB 142

On September 12, California's bill SB 142, which will greatly limit drone flights in the state, will sit before Governor Jerry Brown. The bill is intended to protect citizens' privacy but goes too far, allowing anyone to prosecute any flight for any reason under 350 feet over his or her private property. The bill has already…


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Announcing the Latest Solo App Update: About version 1.1.0

We’re happy to announce the release of the latest and greatest update of the Solo app, for both iOS and Android—release 1.1.0. While this update isn’t necessary for Solo to work, it is necessary for the Solo Gimbal to work. And don’t forget: In order to unlock full access to your GoPro through the gimbal, you’ll need to update your GoPro; instructions on how to…


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This Week: Drones at Comic-Con; world’s best drone photos; R2D2 finally takes flight; drones help pave new way to the Golden Gate


Each week this newsletter curates (hopefully) some of the most interesting drone stories from around the world. But at 3DR, our mission statement is “Help people see their world from above.” Key word: people.

There are obviously many ways to see our world from above, both recreationally and commercially. Drones can support an…


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The Weekly Drone Download: NASA’s new Mars drone; largest-ever humanitarian drone effort; Mexico rising; drone on the Fourth of July

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Question of the week

This week Atlanta, Georgia, banned the use of drones within city limits. They cited the helipad at the governor’s mansion as one reason: Since…


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New Solo Update: Improvements to GPS, live video and more

This week we’ve rolled out some important updates that will go a long way toward making your Solo experience even more smooth and easy. This includes updates for both Solo and the Solo app—remember, the Solo app will do all of the update work wirelessly, without any need to connect to Solo with cables. For a walkthrough of that workflow, see the bottom of this…


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This Week: Drone vs. shotgun; FAA vs. NFL; robobees vs. pollen; Tom Cruise vs. drones; all of us vs. that fake viral video

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Question of the week 

Shotguns. Snoops. Surveillance. So many stories in recent weeks have been calling attention to the public’s growing skepticism of drone technology. As a…


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The DIY Drones Monthly Newsletter

You may have noticed there’s a new section on the DIYD home page — just up the page from this very post, on the right side of your screen. It’s an entry form to subscribe to the new DIY Drones Monthly Newsletter.

The newsletter will celebrate the best and most popular threads and builds across the community each month. It will also feature important…


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This Week: FAA promises drone laws next year; new world record for longest flight; the “abortion drone”; spread the word—this is a fake video

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Question of the week

The big news this week came out of Congress: The FAA testified that drone regulations “will be in place within a year.” This means that, even though the FAA will have missed their initial…


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The Weekly Drone Download: Google and Microsoft want to use drones to save lives; a zero-gravity quad; the world’s smallest gimbal; too many sharks

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Question of the Week

This week, the global “Drones for Good” competition, hosted by the UAE, announced it has started accepting…


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Everything you need to know about the Solo controller, a controller smarter than most drones


There’s probably no better visual representation of the progression of drone technology over the last three years than this side-by-side comparison of controllers.

Solo_White_Controller-2 45025

One is visibly hard to use, with a complicated arrangement of mysterious sticks and switches in a schematic best describable as “porcupine slapdash.” The other is substantially simpler, cleaner and smoother. And the purpose is more clear, too: This button turns it on;…


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New 3DR Drone Coming 4.13.15!

Check out next Monday for all the details on our new products!

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3DR Announces Release of Tower Flight Control Software, and 3DR Services, “The App Store for Drones”

We’re very excited to announce the release of our new open source flight control app, Tower. Tower not only extends the simple and feature-rich flight experience legacy of our DroidPlanner series, but it also gives anyone the ability to build new features into the app or customize existing ones. We’re the major contributor to Tower and will support the app and fix all critical…


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DroneEDU: 3DR Launches UAV Sponsorships for STEM and University Programs

This week 3DR launched DroneEDU, an initiative to sponsor and support high school and university programs around the world who are interested in researching or using UAV technology. DroneEDU offers universal discounts on products, as well as classroom support and free autopilots and full drone systems on a per-case basis.

Why we’re doing…


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3DR’s Black Friday DIY Warehouse Sale

3DR is happy to announce a big Black Flyday sale for our DIY customers. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday we’re offering a 30% price cut on selected items in our store. Our stock is limited, though, so when these sell out the deals are done.

Sale items include Gen 1 Y6 and X8 copters, though for this sale the X8 isn’t eligible for “+” upgrades. Also take 30% off…


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3DR Announces the Release of New FPV Kit

Our First-Person View (FPV) Kit includes everything you need to start live streaming a video feed from the GoPro on your IRIS+ or X8+. Thanks to the 7-inch Bright View™ monitor’s sharp contrasts and LED backlight, you’ll see the live feed clearly on even the brightest days. Additionally, the powerful 5.8 GHz 32-channel wireless receiver won’t display a “blue screen” if the…


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Announcing the Latest DroidPlanner Release

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest version of DroidPlanner, 2.8.1. This release expands and enhances the user experience of version 2.0, incorporating some cool and innovative new features as well as updates to existing features based on valuable user feedback. New features include an automated 3D modeling waypoint generator, a change of speed waypoint,…


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