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Black Box Stories: The mysterious deal between Altitude and RTL

Figure: Did I really fly through the ground?

I hoped I wouldn't have to do another Black Box Stories episode, but unfortunately I need help. The good thing is that no planes where harmed during this event.

Here is the backstory:

Today (just like many other days) I was tuning my RCTimer Arduflyer running Arduplane 2.76. It's…


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Skywalker 2013 UAV platform completed


Hello everyone,

I have finally completed the build of my UAV platform. I'm talking just the plane here; the autopilot issue is a very different one and I'm still experimenting on it.

I always like to give back to DIYDrones, which conveys very valuable information to me daily, so here you have it.

Here is photo gallery. If…


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Diploma Thesis on UAV Completed

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I successfully supported my diploma thesis on the development of a UAS. It was an all-around research, from navigation algorithms to hardware development. In all, the nature of the thesis was an experimental one.

The .pdf can be found on this…


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Altitude Comparison: barometer vs GPS

This might be a common knowledge, but in the last months I haven't seen a similar post. Maybe someone new to barometers might be interested in this data.

The GPS receivers return altitude data, but this is inaccurate. The error margin depends on the satellite constellation geometry and whether or not you have SBAS DGPS on. I was under the impression that…


Added by Georacer on May 23, 2013 at 3:30pm — 34 Comments

Black Box Stories: Mid-Air Crash

Last Wednesday I went out to the field for some flight tests and gains trimming. Other people where flying their model planes there too. We usually follow a counter-clockwise pattern while flying to avoid collisions. That day I was flying especially slow, so when I took the turn, I did so on the spot and ended on the wrong lane. By the time I realized that, someone…


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Hill Cruiser - An RC Model Autopilot

Hello everybody,

This is my first, of hopefully a series, DIYDrone blog post.

The Hill Cruiser is the topic of my university thesis, which is to build an autopilot for an RC model plane.

Of course, I was inspired by…


Added by Georacer on April 26, 2013 at 10:00am — 19 Comments

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