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Quadrocopter's third flight with the GoPro

I tried flying with the GoPro mounted this time. I already had broken part of my landing gear last flight but managed to hold it in place with some duct tape ;) Everything went ok until I broke the landing gear again and had to remove the camera mount not to break it. I did a couple of flights without the camera and with the broken landing gear until I snapped 3…


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Maiden and second flight videos

Here are videos from my maiden and second flight. First one ended with a bad crash on a garden house, my bad I didn't realize how much space I needed to fly it for the first time. The second one isn't complete as my girlfriend forgot to pack her memory card and we couldn't capture it all. On the second one I managed to control it in circles much higher than what you see in the video, but you'll have to take my word for it…


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Second flight was a "success"

Flew my quad for the second time today. I decided to skip the acro mode with which I had so much trouble keeping the quad stable last time and give it a try in stable mode. With the default PID setting I was able to flight it pretty stable under light wind. I made a few hard landings and finally broke my landing gear and a prop but overall I'm pretty satisfied with the performance I got from it. Last time kinda discouraged me but now I feel more comfortable controlling it (a couple hours in…


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First tests with my Quad

So today I finished building my first quadricopter based on APM+Oilpan and running ArduPiratesNG. I did some preliminary tests inside with no intention of flying the thing in my kitchen but just to get a feel of how it behaves up to the moment it actually would take off.


I noticed a couple of things:

  • Motors don't start to spin all at…

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Quadrocopter Electronics Mount

Just received the plates I ordered at Ponoko and mounted my electronics on it. My measures were good but I chosed to put the xBee on the side instead of on top so I missed two holes for it, fortunately tie wraps saved the day! Next version will account for the new placement of the xBee and protect it better. If people are interested I can upload the eps files for Ponoko after I make some adjustments.



Added by François Ubald Brien on March 23, 2011 at 8:30pm — 12 Comments

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