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Impressive Ardupilot based Drone Delivery Demo

Late last month drone company Matternet demoed a first, a precise and fully automated drone…


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Two Ardupilot News Items: Copter 3.5; The Solo Lives On

In case you missed it, some great news items in the last couple weeks, from the Ardupilot development powerhouse:

- Release of Copter 3.5

- The Solo lives on

Copter 3.5 is a major release with an extensive list of new features and improvements, including support for visual odometry, obstacle avoidance, RTK…


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On the Road to Maker Faire

Great video from Ardupilot Development Team member Jaime Machuca, on working towards  an upcoming Maker Faire in San Francisco's Bay area. The Ardupilot event is sponsored by Intel.

More  information on the project is available…


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Congratulations to accepted Ardupilot students, Google Summer of Code 2017

Every year Google proposes to fund students for the summer with its GSoC program, where open source organizations and students are announced  through a highly selective process. This year was the first time Ardupilot applied as its own entity, and Google just granted it  four student  positions. No doubt due in part to the high number of student proposals submitted to…


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No Parachute? No problem! (There’s an app for that)

In which a 1.7m flying wing VTOL transitions to forward flight with ... oops ... reversed elevons. As the transition starts the quad motors are active and compensate for the reversed elevons. Once the transition is completed the quad motors stop and ... the flying wing, now flying like a plane, flips 180 degrees quasi instantly due to the reversed elevons. The VTOL…


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Mission Planner's Michael Oborne on rarely known features

Ardupilot developer and Mission Planner author  Michael Oborne  gave a talk at the Ardupilot 2017 Unconference about little known features of Mission Planner. A video of the talk is available, with Michael discussing  items including APSync, FFT (Fast Fourier…


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2017 Ardupilot Un-Conference Talks and field demonstrations, Andrew Tridgell, Paul Riseborough

The Ardupilot Development Team held an "un-conference" (aimed at developers) in Canberra, Australia last month. The conference included several talks, along with flying in the field.

Ardupilot developers present included  well-known Plane, Copter and Rover  leads Andrew Tridgell, Randy Mackay and Grant Morphett, and developers Paul Risenborough…


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Calling student programmers: Google and Ardupilot 2017 Summer of Code

Great news for the open source  community and the greater world of autopilots: On February 27th Ardupilot.org was selected as a participating 2017 Google Summer of Code organization.

Sponsored by Google, GSOC is a unique program matching open source organizations and students interested in participating in open source development.

Students: Spend…


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ArduSub + Ardupilot is Official!

From Rusty and Jacob of ArduSub:

Hello everyone, Rusty here at Blue Robotics. We're pleased to announce that the ArduSub project has merged with Ardupilot!This is a momentous occasion for the ArduSub project, with our two main developers, Jacob and Rusty, both becoming members of the…


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Lots of fun at the ArduPilot Developer Meetup in Canberra

From Tridge at Ardupilot.org:

We just finished the ArduPilot Developer meetup in Canberra, Australia. Randy [Lead Arducopter developer] will be posting videos from the talks when he gets back to Japan, but meanwhile here is a nice video by Darrell Burkey of some of the activities over the weekend. ...…


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3D Precision Plane Acrobatics with Ardupilot

The AddictionX is a popular model plane allowing for spectacular high precision acrobatics. In addition to more common barrel rolls and vertical loops, its extremely light  wing loading and high motor thrust to weight ratio provides expert flyers with…


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The plane is still in once piece! Success!!

An eye opening and entertaining post over at ardupilot.org from developer Grant Morphett:

"Some of you may be wondering how much real world testing us developers really do. Well the answer is we try to test as much as we can. We especially try to test the limits our boundary conditions that most people won't test because they like their vehicles in…


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Nice Post about Ardupilot on Open Source Electronics Blog

And a great picture of the winner of the Airbus/Local Motors Cargo Drone challenge, a quadplane, prior to its successful maiden flight running Arduplane. (More information about it here  earlier on this forum, and  …


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Autonomously fly to a location and deliver a package (Ardupilot Copter 3.5)

Great feature coming up soon in Ardupilot's Copter 3.5. And congrats to the contribution of the month winner!


Congratulations to Peter Barker for winning the "Best Contribution of the Month" for Dec 2016 for his Package Place Feature…


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2.2 km: Aerial Hover Board


Many were skeptical after the first video, including me.  Yet  my skepticism lost some ground when I looked further into the capabilities of Jetcatusa micro turbines.  A few weeks ago after that first flight, he announced an upcoming major public demo later in April, when interviewed by a French magazine ... 

Well, he…


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How the Government's Drone Registry May Have Broken the Law

To my knowledge the first time a "major" news publication picks this up ...

From the 3/11/16 Edition of Newsweek Magazine:

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee heard testimony in November on whether and how to regulate unmanned vehicles. This drone did not testify.

Full article…


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Some High-End Police Drones Can Be Hacked Using $40 Kits

Affected drones can't be patched, researcher says

Mar 4, 2016 14:34 GMT  ·  By …

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Tracking Aerial Shots

Great application leveraging DJI's SDK and IOS/Android vision processing. Just signed up as a beta tester.

After Randy's pioneering work with his balloon finder on Pixhawk, can't wait for something similarly integrated with Dronecode, OpenCV,  ROS ...

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Anatomy of a DJI Flyaway


A very interesting post over at the Phantom Pilot forum.

From ianwood:

I had my first ever bonafide flyaway about 6 weeks ago. I had my theories, bought $1,000 in replacement parts, rebuilt and moved on. Then it happened again.

This time, however, I had a data logger attached to the Phantom, a custom made miniature "black box"…


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