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Andruav - Same Device with Mission Planner

Andruav system is mainly an Android based system, recently it has supported Web using Andruav WebClient.  In this article the video shows a new integration tool.…


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Andruav 12,193 km RC Car Demo

This could be a record breaking. The above video shows a demo with Andruav to actually control a RC Car from LA in Cairo using Andruav, the distance is 12,193km 7576 miles between the driver in LA & the car in Cairo.

The demo was done in my home, and the car is pretty fast, so a caution was required when controlling it…


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Andruav - Web Client GCS Controlling Multiple Hybrid Vehicles

Andruav Web GCS is the new Andruav arm that enables UAV pilots to remotely control their drones. Andruav has been known for its ability to track multiple drones, multiple board types, and provide FPV capability. Now withAndruav Web you can control your quad, rover,…


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Andruav - Video Streaming Capabilities

Back to Andruav :)

The above video shows how you can use Andruav for streaming video from your Drone(s), and receiving video simultaneously on different types of Andruav-GCS.  

Although the video shows devices in one place, but you  can make the same scenario using devices in…


Added by MHefny on November 20, 2016 at 7:01pm — 2 Comments

Andruav - More Powerful & Still for Free

A year from now I published Andruav latest article. Since then a lot of improvement have been applied.

What is Andruav in FPV ?…


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To Tricopter or to Quadcopter ..... That is the Question

Maybe you are one of those who googled for the difference between Quadcopter & Tricopter. For sure you found many feedback and comparisons. 

Mainly the difference will be regarding power consuming, or mechanical complexity. Some prefer Quadcopters for its simplicity to build and fix, others prefer TRICopter for its ability to YAW more…


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A Python Experiment in Gyro Calibration & Drift Cancelling

This article is to share my findings in gyro calibration. I tried to make a python script that uses data comes from mobile phone [S5 that has 6050 IMU]. It was a good chance to write simple code and visualize results much easier than doing so on Arduino with IMU 6050 attached. But still the concept is the same.

I used this …


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Andruav - Towards a Shared Data Model

It has been a while since my last article about Andruav.

Now Andruav has version 1.0.51. Some nice features have been added to Andruav -most of…


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Andruav SDK


This is my fifth article about Andruav. The new thing about this topic is that it targets Developers more than users.

Andruav-SDK is a …


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Andruav - Multiple Drones Multiple GCS Interconnectivity

This is my fourth article about Andruav. In the past few articles I talked about:

1- What is Andruav then I focused on the telemetry features in Andruav.

2- Andruav as a…


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Using Andruav as 3G/4G Telemetry for APM ArduPilot


This is my third article about Andruav, last one was a couple of weeks ago that was about the Telemetry feature in Andruav.

Since then some updates has been done to telemetry that I want to mention it here.



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Andruav - Unlimited Telemetry Range using Mobile Networks (3G, LTE)

One of the attractive Andruav features is that besides the built-in FPV features and multi drone tracking, is the ability to provide a telemetry over internet between your drone and your GCS. The connection uses mobile internet which means that telemetry range is unlimited.

The above video uses a…


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Have you ever think about controlling multiple drones, or enjoying a team flying with your friends, where you can both monitor your drones, even your friend who could not come to the field, even your friend in another country !!

If this is not enough lets imagine you need to fly your Ardu drone in a very long…


Added by MHefny on November 30, 2014 at 6:05pm — 5 Comments

ZERO_PID Tunes for Multirotors Part#2



                From more than a month from now Aug 2014, I posted a blog titled …


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Zero-PIDs Tuner for Multirotors

This topic is about PID auto tuning algorithm that can tune your Quadcopter from PIDs ZERO as a start value.


       Adjusting PIDs is a problem for many of Quadcopter’ pilots, it would be nice to get your quadcopter to…


Added by MHefny on June 1, 2014 at 6:30pm — 10 Comments

Multiwii v2.3 Working on Arduino DUE

Most of us knows Arduino DUE It is a 32-bit ARM processor SAM3X8E that came with alot of expectation that a new era of Quadcopter firmware will be built on it -at least I thought so :) -.

Well that was very inspiring until I found that the new…


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Python Scripting in Mission Planner

I like the idea of having a script to your ground station. It is a way to implement some logic that your original GUI does not enable directly. It can also enable integration easily with other dlls and modules far beyond the original scope of the Mission Planner. The first thing I asked myself about when I found this "treasure" is what were the available variables and classes that I can already access, well I could not find a clear list, maybe I am not good at…


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My Tilt-Tricopter on Gears

I built a Tricopter that front motors can tilt forward to gain speed.

I also added gears so that It can take-off and land like a plane !!!

Motors also can tilt-backward so it looks like a Scorpion with high tails and can move backward on gears .




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PID Diagram for HefnyCopter - II Firmware

HefnyCopter2 implements full PID terms that is P, I & D. It uses the following approach.

My vision is to keep math as simple as possible and use superposition to accumulate different behaviors together based on my…


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Receiver Handling and Signal Lost Detection Explained

KK2 Board Connections

How to Measure PWM Signal of RX

As discussed in the user guide, HefnyCopter2 accepts two RX to be connected in parallel, the Primary RX is the RX2, and the secondary one is RX1. That means RX2 should be always available to enable Arming.


Because of this large number of input channels "9 channels"  Primary: THR,ALI,ELV,RUD,AUX  Secondary:…


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