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Local Motors/Airbus VTOL UAV takes to the skies!

Hey everyone, 

I wanted to announce the successful first forward flight with the Local Motors/Airbus VTOL UAV. Powered by a Pixhawk 1 with Arduplane 3.7.1, weighing in at 54.85lbs!

I was called in three weeks ago to help them design, build, and fly all before 11/30/2016.  I showed up at the shop and they had nothing but some ESCs, Motors,…


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Worlds Smallest Pixhawk Powered Quadplane: SUAVX Nano VTOL UAV

Yesterday Was the first successful transition flight of my Nano Quadplane.  After limited success a few years ago with two separate pixhawks on the VTOL Anaconda, I decided it wasn't feasible to use multiple Pixhawks/Pilots for anything other than a tech demo.  



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Out of the Black: SLT VTOL UAV

I have been working on and off towards a VTOL aircraft for a few years now. All of this work has been kept off of the record, but I had the very first successful VTOL Flight and transition with this aircraft yesterday and am very excited to share these results. This method of VTOL is not a new concept, and was mainly inspired by X-planes of the past and the more…


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What's it like to be an intern at 3DR?

A first hand hand account, by our 17 year old High School Student: Gustavo De Leon-

"I go to a school in Southern California called High Tech High Chula Vista, and as part of our junior year academic requirements we are asked to…

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134km/83.5 Mile, 4 hour flight with our Skywalker

I am excited to announce that on Friday, February 7th 2014, 3DR Flight Ops SD flew our modified Skywalker Airplane for over 4 hours (4:00:18 to be exact!) and covered a distance of approximately 134km or 83.5 miles.  This is a new personal record for flight time and distance, all accomplished over a few months of planning, building, and testing. Installed in this skywalker was the new Pixhawk Autopilot along with the new…


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3DR at 2013 MultiRotor Challenge!

3D Robotics had a great weekend at the First Annual MultiRotor Challenge. We were there both Saturday and Sunday and competed in most of the events, including a fully autonomous demo mission with a Stock 3DR Hexacopter. In the Auto-Land Competition, APM powered Multi's got 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place! We also won 1st place in the Pilot's Choice event for the coolest looking…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Vertical Horizontal one, is here

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