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Another APM Powered Quad from Aerosky

I recently came across a very interesting Quad Copter from Aerosky call the X350. The don't mention the APM but in the manual it states that it is compatible with DroidPlanner and Mission Planner. The price is great if it flies as the advertise

For the RTF price of 399.00 I am considering getting one to test. It does not state anywhere that an APM/or compatible is in it. I thought that under the Open Source rules they had to mention the Group of Developers…


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NMSU, FAA pursue sought-after drone research

I am the Sr. External Pilot on the Aerostar UAS. Here is a link the the article that the local news paper wrote about our program...

Here is the sUAS link.…


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3DR X4 with inverted Motors

Just completed the assembly and setup of my new 3DR X4. I am using all 3DR parts including:

  • Pix Hawk
    • GPS/Compass
    • 915 Mhz Tele,
    • 3DR Power Module…

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NMSU and USDA performs UAS Flights in Las Cruces, NM


Neat story. I am the BAT 4 External pilot for the mentioned flights. I am holding the R/C controller: Very interesting study. Take a look.

Video: …


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HK 550 with stable Cam

I know that the it looks like I have a a prop balance issue but it is actually a bent prop causing the vibration and (jello effect) I have new props on order. 

Other then that I have the Quad working well in Alt Hold and stable so far. working on the reset still.

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My First Quad

I decided recently after getting a chance to operate an Aeryon Scout that I would like to have a Quad UAS of my own. I have started my build of an H-Quad. The same design that was posted recently from It looked to be an easy frame to build and is essentially a X-formation Quad. Here are the preliminary photos and a list of…


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UAS Build, Airframe HK FPV 168

Well I just recieved my FPV 168 from The only damage I was able to spot from shipping was the tip of a horizontal stab. Here are my plans for the build.

I want to have a pan and tilt camera hanging on the underside of the fuselage. I bought the pan and tilt system from ServoCity. I got 2 continues rotation servos. My second payload will be a 12 mega pixel still camera to take pictures of the ground for mapping. 

The telemetry is using a 2.4 GHz…


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40mm retractable camera turret

I think that we need to restart the blog on this. 

This guy built a 40 mm ball turret that would work great in small UAS's. He said that he would not sell it but i think having him post details of how he built would be nice.

Here is a video of tit working.

If anyone has other turret systems to share of Pan and tilt systems please post... I am…


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