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In Canada...Simpler rules for small unmanned air vehicles

Transport Canada makes it easier to fly small UAVs for work and pleasure

November 5, 2014, 2014 – Montréal, Quebec – Transport Canada

Transport Canada today announced, at the Unmanned Systems Canada conference in Montréal, two exemptions that simplify small unmanned air vehicle (UAV) operations and safely integrate UAVs into Canadian…


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The Friday Experiment

OK...this image above is boring... If you don't feel to read now, just go further down and watch videos. I hope that will bring you back at my story here. Enjoy...

In the research world, the Friday experiment is what researchers often do at the end of a hard working week. Basically, they give a try to a wild, crazy and unsupported idea, just to see the…


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Meet prototype number 3 of SafeTdrone


Hello fellows DIYdroners,

Its been a long time since my last post and just to reintroduce myself let me point you to my first post: I was already crazy...DIYDRONES made it worst ! The story...part 1 and part 2 …


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We are not done yet !!!

Hello all!


Our honey do points tank as been filled and we are go to continue!

For you who do not know our complete story, here are the previous posts in order. Warning! Lots of reading!


Crazy part one

Crazy part two…


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My sixth sense tells me we could do something with this...

OK... It is only a doppler effect speed radar... but it is still a radar, with microcontroller. It is pretty light weight (3.7 onces) and not to expensive ($199). It as a range of…


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Meet the prototype number 2 of the ultimate airframe platform for quad experimentation and development

Here is the soon to be ready ultimate airframe testing(read fun)platform for qad development. All your comment and suggestion will be greatly appreciated. You can find some pictures here.

and this soundless presentation video.…


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I was already crazy...DIYDRONES made it worst ! The story...part 2

This is part 2. To avoid ending up trapped in the twilight zone read Part 1

Hey Guys! First, I have to confess. I lied... It did not started by looking and drawing on an autocad 2009 computer screen.

It started with some delirium about designing a different kind of quad. I talked about it to my partner and… Continue

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I was already crazy...DIYDRONES made it worst ! The story...part 1

It started when during a boring afternoon at work I told my colleague that I found a very interesting web site called DIYDRONES. We realized that our aptitudes and knowledge were complimentary meaning that he understood what I was talking about and I was also understanding him when he was telling me about how to integrate (something) into a closed loop after having characterized (something) to determine (something else). WOW!

My friend is a… Continue

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UAV and air regulations

Just for your information here is what is coming in Canada as far as UAV regulations.

Enjoy the reading...

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