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Aero-hawk Maps 2d Prerelease


Capture. Analyze. Act. Drone mapping for precision agriculture:

• Aero Hawk Maps 2D is the best software tool available in the market for multi bandpass filters with narrow bandwidths. • The calculation of 52 vegetation indexes is made possible through a fast an accurate map projected interface. • The image stitching…


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Seahawk depth sensing drone

One of our projects is almost near completion. The Seahawk can autonomously fly and capture depth and temperature reading from bodies of water. It was initially developed to measure the depth of cow manure ponds, but it can obviously be used for more than just that. Soon you will be able to find it on our website. Here are some of its features:

- Transducer Sensor

- Depth Range- 1.6-328ft,…


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Surveying with the Field Hawk

Just surveyed with the Field hawk @120m(394ft) above a 160 acre field using mission planner. Images taken with M2 Camera

Conditions: Temp:40F Wind Speed:5mph Starting voltage:17.4V End Voltage:15.1 Sidelap:36% Overlap:70% Flight Speed:9m/s Duration of flight:20 minutes. Distance of flight: 9.1Km

Check it out at …


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A Drone by Aero-hawk so cleverly named the Field Hawk

Aero-Hawk  announces the arrival of Field Hawk. A new to the market Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. With the Field Hawk Farmers get a drone capable of providing useful information using Wavelength Specific Filters to Notice Chlorophyll Health, Cell Structure, and Water content. The Field Hawk was designed in…


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