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DIY Drones mentioned on The Daily Show

Associate Professor  of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT Missy Cummings dropped a line to DIY drones on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight, not necessarily the most direct mention but she said "you can go to Do It Yourself Drones dot com and build your own..."

http://www.thedailyshow.com to watch the whole episode, the…


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X-Plane 10 is here!!!

Since I'm tired of seeing nothing here for the past day (yes some of us for some reason check for new blogs over and over....its a compulsion), I figured I'd share some of the not-so-spammy-spam that has been cluttering my mailbox from Laminar Research!


X-Plane 10 is here!!!  Full information here 


and here …


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First video with the ArduBixler

I've been building a Bixler/Sky Surfer for a few months now, and had ardupilot mega and all in hand, yet no pilot experience.  So i've joined a local AMA club and learned to fly.  Last week i flew with the APM for the first time, and this week (after waiting to get the pan/tilt mount in) flew with the camera, so figured I'd show the results of video recorded with the APM planner :)…


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Landing gear for Easy Star / Hobbyking Bixler / Sky Surfer and other EZ Clones

Hi all, first post after mulling around reading everything on the site and then some.  I have 2 Hobbyking Bixlers (well, 1 bixler, and 1 Sky Surfer from http://readymaderc.com/, they are the same and sold also on other sites).   After reading into it, getting it, flying it a bit, and having it a bit, i decided i really want some landing…


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