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QGroundControl v1.0.0 and MAVLink v1.0.0 Releases closing in


GroundControl and MAVLink have been improved substantially behind the scenes over the last months. The most obvious new feature on the user level are custom user widgets. You can configure yourself parameter sliders and buttons and even export this widget into a *.qgw file, which other users can import. The video shows how to create a custom attitude…


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CAN bus on Micro Air Vehicles - Join the MAVLink discussion

The MAVLink mailing list is currently very actively discussing which route to take to CAN-MAVLink integration. Especially engineers working in their day jobs on ARINC 825 or CANaerospace could bring important feedback to the table, so please share your knowledge.…


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PIXHAWK Gumstix Camera makes it to product!

The design we pioneered in 2009 for machine vision with Gumstix Overo is now finally available as product from Gumstix. They did a great job of converting our initial raw open source design into a usable product, our internal prototype made it not beyond basic sensor readout routines. The picture on the top shows the finished Caspa board, the image on the bottom one of…


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QGroundControl 0.8.3 beta - User Configurable

This video shows how each user can configure the layout and even individual sliders and buttons of QGroundControl for his personal needs. This version is compatible with the current ArduPilotMega pre-release 2.0 codebase from the SVN repository (trunk). Please note that the video shows only a snapshot, not the final QGroundControl 0.8.3 release version (we're still improving it on a daily basis). User feedback is very welcome, if you want to try it yourself you can…


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QGroundControl Update: Mission Interface and full Google Earth Support on OS X


QGroundControl is currently improved on a daily basis along with the efforts to implement a common mission interface for ArduPilotMega and MAVLink. While this is work in progress, I'd like to share some impressions of the new features. Once the next APM version is released, a matching stable version of QGC will be released as well optimally supporting APM. The…


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MAVLink one year on and growing fast!

To my own surprise MAVLink has grown way beyond my expectations, quite a few projects a
re now using it as their main protocol or have at least support for it. When I started to work on the initial protocol mid-2009 every encoding/decoding routine was hand-written, and we just needed something to report the detected patterns in the EMAV 2009…

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QGroundControl v0.8 Preview Binaries - New Features

From 0.7.7 to 0.8.0 QGroundControl got many new features and bugfixes, it's impossible to fit all of them into one post. We will therefore run a small blog post series over the next few days to cover them. An experimental release is already available for Windows and Mac OS, so you can try it out on your machine if you like. The application might have still some minor…


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QGroundControl with Google Earth 3D Trees

It was just one of these casual quick hacks (about 10 lines of code), but QGroundControl now also allows to use Google Earth for visualization, including the new…


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Micro Air Vehicle CAD models for QGroundControl wanted

The QGroundControl dev team is currently hard working on the integration of more autopilots and the 3D outdoor view. In line with these efforts we would like to add more CAD models of airplanes, helicopters and other MAVs to allow users to select a CAD model close to their aircraft.

If you have a CAD file…


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MAV Computer Vision on Gumstix Overo COM

We were already using the Gumstix Overo COM in our winning EMAV 2009 entry. Other projects have started to adapt the system design with Linux onboard computer. It separates the Linux computer vision system and control/estimation code running on an external microcontroller. At that time we already did the electronics design…


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QGroundControl Visual Designer wanted!

We are looking for a visual designer (contact) to improve QGroundControl's look and feel. QGroundControl is improved in it's functionality almost on a daily basis (please note the new 3D aerial view) and we want to keep the visual design improving as well. As the… Continue

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IMAV 2011: Towards all-weather MAV swarms

EMAV 2009 Outdoor competition location at The Hague, Netherlands

Or slightly rephrased: The IMAV 2011 summer edition rules are out (original post). IMAV2011 is actually a perfect showcase why IMU-based autopilots plus onboard computer vision are a good choice for MAV competitions. And it is also a good occasion to mention the currently running pxIMU batch order, limited to October 20! You can get… Continue

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PIXHAWK pxIMU available! Hardware and Firmware

We proudly announce the launch of the pxIMU Autopilot! The boards, which are priced at 400 chf (about $420) each, will only be made in batches of at least 30, so when we get that many orders we'll put them into production. We have also released the…


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DIY Reflow Soldering - Ready for Pizza?

Solder yourself in a pizza oven! While we're still waiting for the last quotes to get… Continue

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PIXHAWK Onboard Pattern Recognition Video

This video shows the PIXHAWK onboard pattern recognition. Interested in the hardware to run it onboard? Two approaches have been implemented: One is extremely efficient and runs at 30 Hz on a Gumstix Overo (ARM Cortex-A8, Smartphone processor). This approach is based on first detecting quadrangles and then matching the objects enclosed by these. We used this…

Added by pixhawk on August 6, 2010 at 8:30am — 5 Comments

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