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Emlid Reach RS in Honda R mixed reality race video

Honda released the video featuring their new Civic Type R car in a mixed reality race of a professional car racer against a video gamer! The race between real-world Honda Civic R and Forza Motorsport 7 version was arranged by UNIT9, the…


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The Complete Guide for Building an Autonomous Scanning Robot with Kinect (Ardurover running on Raspi3+Navio2)

Hey everyone,

I want to share nice project I recently found on Youtube. It’s IR 3D Scanner Robot made by the group of students leaded by Nicolas Douard.  It turned out the project has amazing report containing…


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Computer Vision for UAS Search and Rescue using Navio2

From Navio2 Project Shares:

This multi-rotor UAS will be used in search and rescue operations using object recognition to find a target and deliver a payload, e.g. to help an injured climber on traditionally inaccessible terrain needing…


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RC Blimp Drone Autopilot

The autopilot on the blimp is enabled whenever the hardcore 80s music is playing

RC Blimp with Rapsberry Pi +Navio2 and autopilot algorithm written in Go: 

True Story Follows

A few years ago I worked on an …


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Event 38 starts Reach RTK equipped mapping drones delivery

I've just seen cool tests from Jeff Taylor and his Event 38. They integrated Emlid's Reach in E384/E386 mapping drones and verified processed data accuracy using data from Trimble R6 Model4. 

With the Emlid Reach RTK GPS Receivers now available, we’ve been conducting tests to determine their accuracy and working on the integration into the E384 and…


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Fleetlights - open source guardian drones service

      Direct Line reveals their open source service - drones with Pixhawk and Reach RTK inside equipped with high-powered on-board lights:

While the vast majority of drone projects seem focused on photography, video surveillance or acts of war – Direct Line insurance has been investing in new…


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Adorable mini-bike drives itself with the aid of a Raspberry Pi+NAVIO2

Recently I've stumbled upon a very nice master's project on

It looks cooler than Google’s …


Added by Dmitriy Ershov on September 15, 2016 at 6:30am — 3 Comments

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