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Smallest Formula 1 Car model in the world

The length of the model car  is the smallest in the world is only 0285 mm, more or less the equivalent of a grain of sand.In order to achieve such a model of formula 1 car it took less than 4 minutes.. It was made ​​up of 100 microscopic layers, each consisting of 200 lines as…


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Improving GPS accuracy

It seems there are methods to increase accuracy of the GPS location to cm using a reference station network.

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation  is a technique used in land survey and in …


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Solar Ship sails the skies, schlepps supplies

"By crossing airships with airplanes, Solar Ship is planning to build a craft that can carry heavy loads long distances with a tiny carbon footprint. Filled with helium, they soak up rays from the sun to provide the energy for forward motion and fulfill its original design challenge – carry 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lbs) of payload 1,000 kilometers (621.4 miles). The craft is heavier than air,…


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Testing the quad


Tired of cutting your fingers during the testing stage of your quad.


Then make some thin cardboard short propellers.Your fingers will thank you.



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Quad with variable pitch made with Trex600 parts

What do you think about making a variable pitch quad  with Trex 600 tail rotor assambly parts.


It's using a outrunner motor and a servo for each 70cm blade.


It's also for sale(around 400$)…


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Biggest UAV to date-Russian Buran

The Buran spacecraft (RussianБура́нIPA: …


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The second Boeing-built X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle was launched


The second Boeing-built X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, or OTV, left Cape Canaveral, Fla., at 2:46 p.m. PT, atop an Atlas V rocket, Boeing said.

"History was made in December when the X-37B became the United States' first unmanned vehicle to return from space and land on its own," Craig Cooning, vice president and general manager of Boeing Space and Intelligence…


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Discontinued Robonica Roboni-I Programmable Gaming Robot selling cheap: $60

[Moderator's note: this product has been discontinued and I think the company that made it went bust, so buyer beware--this is an overstock item and may not be supported]


-World’s first programmable intelligent gaming robot

-Roboni-i will grow dynamically with its owner and…


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New record was set for the absolute duration of an unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) flight

The UK-built solar-powered Zephyr aeroplane has been confirmed as a record-breaker following its non-stop two-week flight earlier this year.



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Robot cars invade California, on orders from Google

CNet article:…

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Wing span vs takeoff weight

I'm new to rc planes.In a previous post I expressed my opinion about Muliplex EZ Star.Now I'm ready to upgrade to something more durable.

I see people fly all kind of airplanes:slowflyers, acrobatic, gliders,hotliners,etc.

I felt in love with fiberglass hotliners.But they come in different sizes:1.5 to 3 meters span(even more).
I almost bought the plane shown here.It's a custom made…

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RC Airplanes Close to 400 mph using dynamic soaring

Here is a video with some airplanes that use Dynamic Soaring to fly close to 400 mph…

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Best plane for UAV application

I know this is an endless subject, but I must tell you how disappointed I was when I tried Multiplex EasyStar.I attached some pictures of my plane.It looks good, but flying caracteristics are weak.

My plane is stock:Permax 400/6v motor with 12,5 x 11 cm propeller.

The stock version is useless for UAV and…

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Boeing taps hydrogen for Phantom Eye UAV


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near miss between model plane and Pacific Blue 737-800 at perth Airport

On the 20th April it was revealed that a Pacific Blue 737-800 had been involved in a near miss with a model aircraft whilst on final approach to Perth International airport's runway 03. It was alleged that the owner and operator of the model aircraft had took off from a park nearby and delibretly flown the model aircraft with in 30 metres of the 737-800, this has since sparked a CASA (civil aviation safety authority) investigation into the incident. Police and CASA are continuing with their… Continue

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