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Part 2 Feiyu Tech gimbal / SOLO

Once connected, navigate to the Standard Parameter's screen, scroll down and change the CH6_FUNCTION from Disabled to RCPassThru. This opens the connection for the tilt function via the paddle. Once changed click Write Params at the top.

Once Written then click on Initial Setup, Optional Hardware and then Camera…


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Installing a Feiyu Tech MINI 3D gimbal on the 3DR SOLO Part 1 of 2

This is how I went about installing a Feiyu-Tech MINI 3D Gimbal to my SOLO.

I would like to strongly emphasize that this modification will void your 3DR SOLO warranty completely and entirely. If you are not comfortable with the voiding of said warranty please do not attempt this modification.

I am not responsible if you experience…


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ESPN's Winter X Games allowed to film with UAV.

Thought everyone might want see/read this.

ESPN is adding camera-carrying drones to its coverage of the Winter X Games, using the cutting-edge technology to cover snowboardcross and snowmobiling events this week in Aspen, Colorado.

Full story: Winter X Games…


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Helping other pilots make better decisions.

I'd like to share a story about an interaction I had this past week with a quadcopter/drone operator.

  Where I work most everyone who knows me knows that I pilot UAV's and have done so for several years now. So when something in our area comes up involving UAV's they call me. Case in point happened one day this past past week.

I received…


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FAA Can Make All Drone Flights Illegal, Federal Court Rules.


Drone Flights Illegal.

Excerpt from above article:

Some very bad news for drone pilots this morning: An appeals board has ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration has wide latitude to make all drone flights…


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